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Dear Colleagues,

Design Research News is a free monthly email letter that provides
information on design and design research to 7,000 subscribers around
the world. The Design Research Society publishes the newsletter as a
professional and educational service.

Prof. David Durling of Middlesex University edits DRN. Prof. Ken
Friedman of the Norwegian School of Management and Denmark's Design
School edits book reviews. It is distributed through the UK academic
email facility, JISCMAIL.

Design Research News publishes information on:

* conferences,
* publishing opportunities,
* funding,
* competitions,
* articles,
* exhibitions, and
* books

for an international audience of experts in design research, design
practice, and design education.

DRN covers all areas of design. Fields and subject areas include
industrial design, graphic design, product design, design history,
philosophy of design, design theory, art, engineering, anthropology,
architecture, systems design, design management, CAD, ergonomics,
psychology, computer science, information design, informatics, design
for development and many other subjects.

Design Research News is NOT a discussion list. Only the newsletter is sent.

To subscribe simply go to this URL:


and click on the line

Join or leave the list (or change settings)


Ken Friedman
Institute for Communication, Culture, and Language
Norwegian School of Management
Center for Design Research
Denmark's Design School
+47    Tlf NSM
+47    Tlf Privat
email: ken.friedman_at_bi.no
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