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Call for Nominations: eLincoln Prize

The electronic Lincoln Prize consists of $10,000. The Prize is given
for the finest scholarly work on the era of the American Civil War
produced in digital format on the World Wide Web, on CD-ROM, on DVD,
or on other forms of electronic distribution. Preference will be
given to candidates that make the most of the digital environment in
terms of materials, format, and access. The prize favors originality
over the dissemination of information but does try to reward projects
that target a broad audience. When competing work shows similar
merit, preference is given to work on Lincoln or the common soldier.
Individuals, groups, or institutions may compete for the Prize. No
site or product shall win the Prize more than once, but achievement
over time might be honored independently of previous awards. To
submit a nomination for consideration, please email
tgrim_at_gettysburg.edu NO LATER THAN MONDAY, JANUARY 22, 2007. You may
nominate your own work, but please submit no more than one nomination
per year. The 2007 eLincoln Prize winner will be announced in April 2007.

Diane C. F. Brennan, Administrative Assistant
Civil War Institute
Lincoln Prize at Gettysburg College
The Michael Shaara Award
300 North Washington Street
Campus Box 435
Gettysburg, PA 17325
P: 717-337-6590 F: 717-337-6596 E: dbrennan_at_gettysburg.edu
CWI Web Site: http://www.gettysburg.edu/civilwar
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