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The University of Michigan Press and the University of Michigan Library is
proud to announce the publication of the first annual The Best of Technology
Writing 2006 and the opening of nominations for The Best of Technology
Writing 2007.

The Best of Technology Writing 2006 is a collection of "sparkling and
imaginative pieces of journalism" (James Fallows) that covers the world of
technology from multiple angles. Whether touching on sushi prepared on an
inkjet printer, the future of e-books, or the ups and downs of jetpacks, The
Best of Tech serves up a broad array of issues and topics, from the odd to
the everyday, the playful to the profound, that illuminate the technological
landscape of today and tomorrow.

Taking our cue from the open source movement, these essays in Best of Tech
were selected through an open, online nominating process. The nominations
were then reviewed by a small panel of judges, and the final selections were
made by this year's Guest Editor, Brendan I. Koerner. Koerner is a
contributing editor for Wired, a columnist for both the New York Times and
Slate, and a fellow at the New America Foundation. The result is a diverse
collection of important, timely, and just plain readable writing from
publications including The New Yorker, Wired, Salon, Slate, The Columbia
Journalism Review, and Japan Today. It is published by
digitalculturebooks, a new imprint of the University of Michigan Press and
Library, which will officially launch in Fall 2007. In the meantime, the
print version of The Best of Technology Writing 2006 is available from
retail stores and from the Press directly. And, the online version is
available, FREE, at our website, http://www.digitalculture.org.

We are pleased to announce that the Guest Editor for the Best of Technology
Writing 2007 will be Steven Levy. Levy is a Senior Editor at Newsweek,
where he writes "The Technologist" column, and the author of six books on
technology and culture, including the recently published The Perfect Thing:
How the iPod Shuffles Culture, Commerce and Coolness.

To nominate an article, essay, or blog posting for The Best of Technology
Writing 2007, please visit us at http://www.digitalculture.org. We will be
accepting nominations through January 31, 2006.

Maria S. Bonn
Director, Scholarly Publishing Office
University of Michigan, University Library

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