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This Week in Ubiquity:

Volume 8, Issue 1

January 4, 2007 - January 15, 2007)


       In her important new book, Intervention: Confronting the Real
Risks of Genetic Engineering and Life on a Biotech Planet, Caruso
takes a critical look at the risks to society presented by innovation
and technology. Commenting on this work, Peter G. Neumann recently
wrote in RISKS DIGEST: "Although Denise's book might seem to be less
computer related than many other topics discussed in RISKS, I think
there are many problems and lessons to be learned from what we have
in common. It is important for everyone to see that these problems
are generic and relevant to essentially all technologies, not just
computer systems." A well-known figure in computer circles, Denise
Caruso is a seasoned technology analyst and journalist, and was the
Digital Commerce columnist for the New York Times before confounding
and serving as executive director for the Hybrid Vigor Institute, a
not-for-profit research and consulting practice. One focus of the
Institute is the development of new methods for assessing the risks
of innovations in science and technology.

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