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The following is a delectable tale or food [eye-candy] for thought.

As with menu planning, listing is an art.

Good list placement is sometimes at the tail end (in a print publication
where scrolling doesn't matter but scanning or eye-balling does). The item
that appears 100th on a list of 100 is in a priveleged position. See the

The Guardian 14.10.06 in a story by Esther Addley reports on ArtReview's
annual listing of the 100 most powerful people in the contemporary art

The most surprising inclusion on this list, at number 100, is the search
engine Google. Mr Welch [[editor of ArtReview]] insisted it was not a
joke. "Manny of the curators we speak to have mentioned the potential of
[the photo-sharing site] Flickr as a viable exhibition area =AD that in a
few years from now they'll be curating online to millions of viewers. And
while we quickly concluded that Flickr has a way to go yet, it did make us
realise how much we rely on Google for our art information. In a strange
way, the number of hits an artist, curator or even a dealer gets can
legitimise him in the same way it can anyone else."
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