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Speaker: Willard McCarty, King's College London
Topic: "The Imaginations of Computing"
Event: Richard W. Lyman Award Winner Guest Lecture
Date: Mon., November 6th, 2006, 5:00 PM
Location: National Humanities Center, Durham, NC

Willard McCarty is the 2006 recipient of the Richard W. Lyman Award,
selected for his contributions to and leadership within the field of the
digital humanities. Best known as a theoretician, McCarty is also
steeped in the practical dimensions of the application of information
technology to the problems of humanistic learning. In 1987 he founded
Humanist, a digital medium designed to bring together scholars working
on problems born of the intersection of computing and the humanities.
Also since the late 1980's he has tested his approach to the digital
humanities on Ovid's Metamorphoses, encoding the text and working with a
series of research assistants to better understand what encoding might
contribute to literary criticism and the humanities as a whole. The
product of that project is a body of work known as The Analytical

In his newest book, Humanities Computing, McCarty explains how and why
humanities computing is in itself an intellectual humanistic field of
inquiry. McCarty is Reader in Humanities Computing at the Centre for
Computing in the Humanities at King's College London, where he has
taught since 1996.

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