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         Subject: e & eye - four talks at Tate Modern, London

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         Subject: live chat with MEZ 10/17 (Leonardo Electronic Almanac

         Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 19:57:10 +0100
         From: "Charles Baldwin" <Charles.Baldwin_at_mail.wvu.edu>
         Subject: e & eye - four talks at Tate Modern, London

>>> John Cayley <cayley_at_shadoof.net> 10/08/06 6:49 AM >>>
e and eye
art and poetry between the electronic and the visual


Led by Penny Florence, Tim Mathews and John Cayley

Monday 16 October 2006, 18.30-20.00
Monday 23 October 2006, 18.30-20.00
Monday 30 October 2006, 18.30-20.00
Monday 13 November 2006, 18.30-20.00

Modern art has had a close historical relationship with poetry and
performance since its formation. Electronic poetry has developed a
strong element of performance, an implicit demand for some form of
exhibition. This series of events explores the relationship between
the visual, the poetic and the electronic in art.

The sessions begin with a conversation in which invited speakers
discuss issues relevant to the Collection and to electronic and
visual poetry. This is followed by a short performance or reading of
an electronic poem, and an open discussion. Laptop computers with
video projection showing interactive electronic works are also placed
within the galleries.

The speakers are theorists and practitioners in a variety of media
and virtual curators, and include John Aiken, Malcolm Bowie, Patrick
Burgaud, John Cayley, Penny Florence, Elizabeth James, Mark Leahy,
Tim Mathews, Brigid McLeer, Sharon Morris and TNWK (Kirsten Lavers
and cris cheek).

Virtual presence/practitioners/curators/theorists: Sandy Baldwin, N
Katherine Hayles, Camille Utterback, Talan Memmott, Rita Rayley,
David Rokeby, Alan Sondheim, Noah Wardrip-Fruin.

Organised by Penny Florence and Tim Mathews, with John Cayley.

In collaboration with The Slade School of Fine Art, SCEMFA and the
Department of French, University College London

Tate Modern Throughout the gallery
Free, booking recommended
Price includes drinks afterwards
A booking fee of 50p applies to online bookings.
For tickets book online
or call 020 7887 8888.


There is also a blog-like site relating to these events, where we are
collecting textual material and discussion from the participants.
This is now also open to the public:



         Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 19:57:51 +0100
         From: "Charles Baldwin" <Charles.Baldwin_at_mail.wvu.edu>
         Subject: live chat with MEZ 10/17 (Leonardo Electronic
Almanac Discussion)

_Leonardo Electronic Almanac Discussion (LEAD): Vol 14 No 5_

:: Live chat with MEZ about creating the co[de][i]n.Text and other
:: Chat date: Tuesday, October 17.
:: 12 midnight West Coast US / 3 am East Coast USA / 9 am Paris FR / 5
pm Melbourne AU
:: LEAD is an open forum around the New Media Poetics special issue of
Leonardo Electronic Almanac.

Chat instructions are here:
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clients, but there may be some variation for individual clients. For
example, some clients may require the chat room server
"conference.jabber.org" and others clients only "jabber.org." Also,
please refer to the link for a complete schedule of upcoming chats and
for instructions on joining chats.

About MEZ: a partial bibliograph can be accessed - with varying degrees
of chronology + linearity - from the following. Warning: search.behavior
may be required/n.couraged.
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