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   [1] From: Stuart Dunn <stuart.dunn_at_kcl.ac.uk> (100)
         Subject: cfp: Service-Oriented Computing in the Humanities

   [2] From: ELPUB 2007 <elpub2007_at_elpub.net> (79)
         Subject: ELPUB 2007 - Second Call for Papers

         Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 20:00:23 +0100
         From: Stuart Dunn <stuart.dunn_at_kcl.ac.uk>
         Subject: cfp: Service-Oriented Computing in the Humanities

Call for Papers: Workshop on Service-Oriented Computing in the
Humanities (SOCH)

Service-Oriented Computing in the Humanities (SOCH)
A joint workshop of the EPSRC Service-Oriented Software Research
Network (SOSoRNet) and the AHRC ICT Methods Network
London, UK, 18-19 December 2006

We are pleased to invite contributions to the above workshop from
those working with service oriented software and computing in the
Humanities. Paper submissions are welcome in areas including, but
not limited to, the following:

   1. Service-oriented software architectures for managing humanities
   2. Semantic web and its applications in the humanities
   3. Interoperability and protocols
   4. Ontologies
   5. Data services and data integration
   6. Matching distributed computing power and application needs
   7. Digital research methods
   8. Service description
   9. Automated composition
10. Data and service provenance
11. Migrating existing applications towards services

Submissions should be in the form of an extended abstract (no more
than 4 pages) to be received by 11pm GMT on 12th November 2006.
There will be a short review process undertaken by a small programme
committee and papers will be accepted on the basis of quality and
relevance to the workshop theme. Notification of acceptance will be
circulated by 27th November 2006. Full papers will not be required
but authors will have the opportunity to revise their extended
abstract in the light of reviewers' comments if they so desire. An
informal proceedings will be produced for participants. Some limited
financial support for attendance will be available for student
authors giving a presentation. At least one author of each accepted
abstract will be expected to attend and present their work.

Electronic submissions in PDF should be sent to:

We look forward to receiving your contributions!

Nicolas Gold and Lorna Hughes Directors (respectively) of SOSoRNet
and the Methods Network

About SOSoRNet
SOSorNet (http://sosornet.dcs.kcl.ac.uk) is an EPSRC-funded network
to bring together people working in the various communities
associated with service-oriented software e.g. Grid, web services,
application service provision etc. The aim is to promote the
cross-fertilisation of ideas between these communities.

SOSoRNet is organised by:

    * Nicolas Gold, King's College London (network director)
    * Pearl Brereton, Keele University
    * Keith Bennett, David Budgen, Durham University
    * Christos Tjortjis, Nikolay Mehandjiev, John Keane, Paul Layzell,
      Manchester University
    * Jie Xu, Leeds University

To join SOSorNet please email nicolas.gold_at_kcl.ac.uk or

What is SOSoRNet for?
- To share best-practice and research in service-oriented software
- To bring together academic researchers and industrial practitioners
- To promote cross-fertilisation of ideas between communities

Who is it for?
Anyone involved in service-oriented software development and use e.g.
- Grid researchers
- Application service providers
- Users and developers of web services

About AHRC ICT Methods Network
The Methods Network is a multi-disciplinary partnership providing a
national forum for the exchange and dissemination of expertise in the
use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for arts and
humanities research. The aims of the Methods Network are: - To
promote, support and develop the use of advanced ICT methods in arts
and humanities research and to support the cross-disciplinary network
of practitioners from institutions around the UK. - To develop a
programme of activities and publications on advanced ICT tools and
methods and to ensure the broadest participation of the community by
means of an open call for proposals for Methods Network activities.

Further information about the Methods Network can be found at:

Dr Stuart Dunn
Research Associate
Arts and Humanities e-Science Support Centre

Centre for Computing in the Humanities
Arts and Humanities Data Service King's College London
Kay House, 7 Arundel Street, 26-29 Drury Lane
London WC2R 3DX London WC2B 5RL
         Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 20:01:41 +0100
         From: ELPUB 2007 <elpub2007_at_elpub.net>
         Subject: ELPUB 2007 - Second Call for Papers

*** Apologies for cross-postings ***

11th International Conference on Electronic Publishing 13 to 15 June
2007, Vienna (Austria)

Submission deadline: Jan. 10, 2007


Openness in Digital Publishing: Awareness, Discovery and Access

"Openness" is a broad philosophical as well as technical tenet that
underlies much of the innovation in the creation and consumption of
Internet technologies, which are in turn transforming scholarly
communications, practices and publishing across the disciplines and
around the world.

ELPUB 2007 is devoted to examining the full spectrum of "openness" in
digital publishing, from open source applications for content
creation to open distribution of content, and open standards to
facilitate sharing and open access. We welcome papers with
theoretical analysis, description of models and services, or new and
innovative technical results on:

* Publishing models, tools, services and roles
* Digital publication value chain
* Multilingual and multimodal interfaces
* Services and technology for specific user communities, media, and content
* Interoperability and scalability
* Middleware infrastructure to facilitate awareness and discovery
* Personalisation technologies (e.g. social tagging, folksonomies,
RSS, microformats)
* Metadata creation, usage and interoperability
* Semantic web issues
* Security, privacy and copyright issues
* Digital reservation, contents authentication
* Recommendations, guidelines, standards

Contributions are invited for the following categories:

- Single papers (abstract minimum of 1,000 and maximum of 1500 words)
- Tutorial (abstract minimum of 500 and maximum of 1500 words)
- Workshop (abstract max of 1000 words)
- Poster (abstract max of 500 words)
- Demonstration (abstract max of 500 words)

Abstracts must be submitted following the instructions on the
conference website <http://www.elpub.net>


January 10th 2007: Deadline for submission of abstracts (in all categories).

February 28, 2007: Authors will be notified of the acceptance of
submitted papers and workshop proposal.

April 11th, 2007: Final papers must be received. See website for
detailed author instructions.

Posters (A1-format) and demonstration materials should be brought by
their authors at the conference time. Only abstracts of these
contributions will be published in the conference proceedings.
Information on requirements for Workshops and tutorials proposals
will be posted shortly on the website.

Accepted full paper will be published in the conference proceedings.
Electronic version of the contributions will also be archived at:


The ELPUB 2007 conference will keep the tradition of the ten previous
international conferences on electronic publishing, held in the
United Kingdom (in 1997 and 2001), Hungary (1998), Sweden (1999),
Russia (2000), the Czech Republic (2002), Portugal (2003), Brazil
(2004), Belgium (2005) and Bulgaria (2006), which is to bring
together researchers, lecturers, librarians, developers, businessmen,
entrepreneurs, managers, users and all those interested on issues
regarding electronic publishing in widely differing contexts. These
include the human, cultural, economic, social, technological, legal,
commercial and other relevant aspects that such an exciting theme encompasses.

Three distinguished features of this conference are: broad scope of
topics which creates a unique atmosphere of active exchange and
learning about various aspects of electronic publishing; combination
of general and technical issues; and a condensed procedure of
submission, revision and publication of proceedings which guarantees
presentations of most recent work.


Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of Europe's most fascinating
cities with a rich history and various cultural attractions and
reasonable living costs. The campus of Vienna University of
Technology is located near the historic downtown of Vienna.

Conference Host: Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

General Chair: Bob Martens <b.martens_at_tuwien.ac.at>, Vienna
University of Technology, Vienna, Austria

Programme Chair: Leslie Chan <chan_at_utsc.utoronto.ca>, University of
Toronto at Scarborough, Toronto, Canada
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