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The Journal of Digital Information, JoDI, has published a new special
issue on Adaptive Hypermedia.


The Adaptive Hypermedia special issue focuses on the fundamental
issues of adaptive hypermedia as well as describing real-world
applications of this technology. In recent years there has been
extensive research on adaptation and personalisation in hypermedia,
and such systems are starting to make an impact upon mainstream web
design. Adaptive hypermedia systems are those that build a profile of
the user and then deliver content that is appropriate for these
needs, rather than the more traditional "one-size-fits-all" approach
of the web.

We are also pleased to announce that the journal's location has moved
to its new home at the Texas Digital Library (TDL). With the move we
have also upgraded the software behind JoDI which brings several
improvements. JoDI is now using workflow software from Open Journal
Systems, which now provides the ability to search the site and browse
by title, author, or theme.

If you wish to receive future notices about JoDI publications you
will need to sign up at the journal's new site:


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