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   [1] From: Mark Olsen <mark_at_barkov.uchicago.edu> (41)
         Subject: DHCS Colloquium Registration Open

   [2] From: Joanne Yeomans <Joanne.Yeomans_at_CERN.CH> (30)
         Subject: Announcing OAI5 : 5th Workshop on Innovations in
                 Scholarly Communication, 18-20 April 2007

         Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 07:53:40 +0100
         From: Mark Olsen <mark_at_barkov.uchicago.edu>
         Subject: DHCS Colloquium Registration Open

                  What to Do with a Million Books:
     Chicago Colloquium on Digital Humanities and Computer Science.

                        NOVEMBER 5-6, 2006

                        Ida Noyes Hall
                     1212 East 59th Street
                    The University of Chicago
                         Chicago, IL

Registration deadline: OCTOBER 23, 2006

The goal of this colloquium is to bring together researchers and scholars
in the Humanities and Computer Sciences to examine the current state of
Digital Humanities as a field of intellectual inquiry and to identify and
explore new directions and perspectives for future research.

In the wake of recent large-scale digitization projects aimed at providing
universal access to the world's vast textual repositories, humanities
scholars, librarians and computer scientists find themselves newly
challenged to make these resources functional and meaningful.

Digitizing "a million books" poses far more than just technical
challenges. Tomorrow, a million scholars will have to re-evaluate their
notions of archive, textuality and materiality in the wake of recent
developments. How will the humanities scholar and the computer scientist
find ways to collaborate in the "Age of Google?"

Application deadline: OCTOBER 16, 2006

We are very pleased to be able to offer $500 towards transporation
expenses and four nights paid lodging to three graduate students
who wish to participate in the DHCS Colloquium. For more information,
please consult: http://dhcs.uchicago.edu/student_grants


Greg Crane, Professor of Classics and Editor-in-Chief of the Perseus
Project, Tufts University

Ben Shneiderman, founding Director of the Human-Computer Interaction
Laboratory and Professor of Computer Science, University of Maryland

John Unsworth, Dean of the Graduate School of Library and Information
Science and Professor of English, University of Illinois at

PROGRAM: http://dhcs.uchicago.edu/program

For more information or to register, visit http://dhcs.uchicago.edu or
email dhcs-conference_at_listhost.uchicago.edu

Sponsored by the Humanities Division and the Computation Institute at the
University of Chicago and the College of Science and Letters at the
Illinois Institute of Technology.

         Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2006 07:54:03 +0100
         From: Joanne Yeomans <Joanne.Yeomans_at_CERN.CH>
         Subject: Announcing OAI5 : 5th Workshop on Innovations in
Scholarly Communication, 18-20 April 2007

Apologies for cross-posting.
We are pleased to announce the dates of the 5th Workshop on Innovations
in Scholarly Communication at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland (OAI5):

Wednesday 18th - Friday 20th April 2007

Please consult the conference website: http://cern.ch/oai5

The OAI series of workshops is one of the biggest international meetings
of technical repository-developers, library Open Access policy
formulators, and the funders and researchers that they serve. The
programme contains a mix of practical tutorials given by experts in the
field, presentations from cutting-edge projects and research, posters
from the community, breakout discussion groups, and an intense social
programme which has helped to build a strong network amongst previous
participants. The event is almost unique in bringing together these
scholarly communication communities and is proud to continue this
tradition with the OAI5 workshop in 2007.

Note for regular participants: the workshop will now fall Wednesday to
Friday and NOT Thursday to Saturday as previously.

Further information will be added to the web site in November, including
further programme details, a registration form, and a call for

We look forward to welcoming you to CERN in 2007.

Joanne Yeomans
Office 3/1-012, DSU/SI Service
http://library.cern.ch/ Email: joanne.yeomans@cern.ch
Mail address:
Mailbox C27810
CERN CH 1211 Geneva 23
Tel: 70548 (externally dial +41 22 76 70548)
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