20.195 Digital Dialogues Series at MITH

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All of MITH's Digital Dialogues are free and open to the public. We'd
love to see colleagues from around the area, or anyone in town who is
just passing through. Matt

Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)
Digital Dialogues and Speakers Schedule
Fall 2006
Tuesdays @12:30 in MITH's Conference Room (B0135 McKeldin Library,
University of Maryland).
9.5 Kimberly Staking and Nikki Stewart (Department of Women's
Studies), "Visualizing Women's Studies: Facilitating Visual Learning
in the Feminist Classroom."
9.12 Roundtable discussion of the September 11 Digital Archive (a
contribution to the September Project).
9.19 David Kirsch (Robert H. Smith School of Business), "'The Business
of America': Preservation of Born Digital Business Records from the
Dot Com Era."
9.26 Kevin Bertram (CEO, Distributive Networks), "You Can Take It with
You: The Nascent Role for Mobile in the Digital Humanities."
10.3 Timothy Stinson (Johns Hopkins University), "Everything Old Is
New Again: The Re-emergence of Medieval Polyvocality in Digital
Manuscript Archives."
10.10 Daniel Pitti (Institute for Advanced Technology in the
Humanities, University of Virginia), "Social Software: Why Would I
Want to Consult an Encyclopedia that Would Have Me as a Contributor?"
10/17 Susan Schreibman (University Libraries), "Beautiful Untrue
Things: The Digital Dilemma."
10.24 Doug Oard (College of Information Studies), "The MALACH Project:
Multilingual Access to Large Spoken Archives."
10.31 Jason Nelson (Griffith University, Australia), "Odd and Wondrous
Creatures: Jason Nelson's Traveling Digital Magicke Show."
11.7 Vika Zafrin (Brown University), "The Virtual Humanities Lab and
the Evolution of Remote Collaboration."
11.14 Stuart Moulthrop and Nancy Kaplan (School of Information Arts,
University of Baltimore), title TBA.
11.21 Brandon Morse (Department of Art), title TBA.
11.28 Doug Reside (MITH), "Byte by Byte, Putting it Together:
Electronic Editions of Musical Theatre Texts."
12.5 Jimmy Lin (College of Information Studies), "Applying Automated
Content Analysis Techniques to Legal Texts."
Contact: Neil Fraistat, Director, MITH (www.mith.umd.edu,
mith_at_umd.edu, 301-405-5896).
Matthew Kirschenbaum
Assistant Professor of English
Associate Director,
Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities (MITH)
University of Maryland
301-405-8505 or 301-314-7111 (fax)
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