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> From: Maurizio Lana <m.lana_at_lett.unipmn.it>
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>Dear humanists,
>I am searching for the Proceedings of ALLC-ACH=20
>conference of Goteborg 2004, and specifically for these papers:
>1) Juola, P. Ad-hoc Authorship Attribution=20
>Competition. In: Proceedings 2004 Joint=20
>International Conference of the Association for Literary and Linguistic
>Computing and the Association for Computers and=20
>the Humanities (ALLC/ACH 2004), Go=A8teborg, Sweden.
>2) Koppel, M. and Schler, J. (2004). Ad-hoc=20
>Authorship Attribution Competition Approach=20
>Outline. In Juola, P. (ed.), Ad-hoc Authorship Attribution Contest,
Short abstracts are available via the conference's web page:

The full text proceedings are not available=20
online any more, but I can send you the printed=20
conference proceedings if you send me your postal=20
address. Plaese send it to my address, not to the list.

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