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[submitted by Yuri Tambovtsev, yutamb_at_mail.ru]

Dear colleagues in the field of computers and linguistics, may I ask
you to send me the email addresses of those who work on computing the
frequencies of occurrence of sounds in the world languages? Actually,
I took up the Arikara language of the Caddoan family. I wonder if
Oneida also is included in this family? Arikara is the 29th
AmerIndian language I have computed to study the sound chain
similarities. I wonder who can consult me on the phonemic inventary
of Arikara, Caddo, Kitsai, Pawnee and Wichita. I have been trying to
reach David S. Rood or Douglas R. Parks for the latest five years but
they never answered so I guess they are both dead. I have computed
about 200 world languages but many more seem to rermain
untouched. Looking forward to hearing from you to mail email
address: yutamb_at_mail.ru soon Remain yours sincerely Yuri Tambovtsev,
Novosibirsk, Russia.

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