20.130 PhD students in the digital humanities

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Sounds like the degree I should have done instead of the M.Sc. Comp
Sci. :-) And ain't it always the way, about the money. Plenty for
plunder on the high seas, none for keeping home livable.

Wonder if there might be a means to attract gaming profits. Although
apt to come with strings.

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the digital humanities
> It seems quite clear from the numbers of applicants and potential
> applicants to our PhD Programme in Digital Humanities at King's
> College London that a doctorate in our subject is an attractive
> option. Those who have expressed interest in our programme have
> come from a wide variety of academic backgrounds, including
> literary studies, history, classics, philosophy, theatre history
> and media studies. In each case so far the challenge for us has
> been to work on the disciplinary mix -- not so much how any
> particular mix would be supported, rather more the theoretical
> tools that each project would need and how the student is to
> acquire them.
> The proof of this pudding is, as always, in the eating, and there
> hasn't been much of that yet, but even at this early stage it's
> worth our time to think about the prospect of training a generation
> of scholars specifically in humanities computing (or the digital
> humanities, whichever best fits).
> The big impediment to potential students is funding. Clearly
> talented, worthy individuals are in the queue. A large sum of money
> for the purpose would be very welcome indeed.
> Yours,
> WM
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