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Incubator Group

Dear all,
Please let me know if there's someone you know who might be interested in
applying for this position. It is posted as Req #7432

We begin reviewing applications on Aug 15th. Here is the version we'll
place on Dice.com.
Thanks! --zoe
Zoe Borovsky, PhD
UCLA-Digital Humanities Incubator Group

UCLA's Center for Digital Humanities (CDH) is seeking a programmer to serve
as the Project Technical Lead of the Digital Humanities Incubator Group
(UDHIG), a consortium of faculty members initiating and fund raising for
research projects in disciplines such as archeology, art history,
linguistics, philosophy, literature and new media . The Technical Lead
provides leadership and coordination between several partners in the design
and development of digital humanities research by consulting with and
coordinating faculty, staff and students. The successful candidate will
have a demonstrated ability to work on multiple tasks simultaneously, the
communication and writing skills to provide consultation and support to
Principal Investigators and associated staff / campus groups, and a broad
technical background and project management skills to guide, coordinate, and
supervise team members made up of designers and programmers from the Center
for Digital Humanities (CDH), faculty, and various other technical groups at


Detailed knowledge of web-based systems particularly database-driven and web
services architecture of system integration. Skill and expert knowledge in
systems analysis, development methodologies, user needs analysis, interface
design, and interactive design and development and the ability to
communicate that knowledge by writing the technical sections of grant
proposals including detailed work plans. Expert knowledge of web standards
including meta search engines (e.g. Google and Yahoo), Web Services,
Portals, Blogs, RSS, XML, XSLT, XHTML, CSS, Flash, and multi-lingual

Demonstrated skill in programming, using such tools, languages, and
environments such as Java, PHP, J2EE and Linux. Ability to design and
support enterprise-level software.

Working knowledge of TCP/IP, DNS, modern networking principles, XML, and
SOAP sufficient to understand and develop web services. Working knowledge of
sign-on and authentication systems, directory and access security design,
and authorization systems. Working knowledge of relational database
management systems and web servers such as Cold Fusion, SQL Server, Oracle,
MySQL, and Apache.

Skill in evaluating and comparing off-the-shelf software solutions in order
to make recommendations regarding purchasing or the necessity to produce
in-house solutions.

Proven track-record of project management skills, a broad technical
background, and communication skills sufficient to lead technical teams with
a variety of skills (design and programming) and skill levels. Ability to
initiate and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers,
supervisors, and managers and to work harmoniously as a team player.
Interpersonal skills to establish and maintain cooperative working
relationships with faculty, students, and staff of various social, cultural,
and educational backgrounds. Ability to make effective presentations to
potential donors, deans, sponsors, partners and clients that communicate
UDHIG's goals and role in digital humanities.

Skill in analyzing current digital humanities projects, directions and
needs, research and evaluate new and future options for improvement and
recommend new technologies that establish UDHIG as a leader in the emerging
field of digital humanities.

See the complete job description at:

We will review resumes on August 15th.

Submit resume and cover letter to cdhinfo_at_humnet.ucla.edu
(subject heading, Req. 7432)

or by mail:
Center For Digital Humanities
Attention: Req. No. 7432
1020 Public Policy Building
Box 951499
Los Angeles, CA 90095 - 1499
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