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         Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2006 12:28:49 +0100
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         Subject: On the Uses of the Humanities

Many here have been involved at one time or another in worrying the
intersection of the humanities, computing and the world. Humanities
computing has been promoted to students as a way of getting ahead in
life, and part of that promotion has involved the (proto)argument
that computing connects the humanities to the world at large. We've
claimed that if you learn how to tackle the hardest problems known --
those of the humanities -- empirically, you'll have a leg up on the
simpler task of applying the computer to the problems one encounters,
say, on the job. The question from students, "Why should I be
interested in that, whatever it is?", is as urgent as ever. We are in
need of genuine, straightforward arguments (as mutatis mutandis are
our colleagues in all the other disciplines of the humanities).

Some help may be found in a report by the Institute of Society,
Ethics and the Life Sciences, Hastings Center (US), On the Uses of
the Humanities: Vision and Application (1984),
http://www.thehastingscenter.org/, Publications / Books and
Monographs / Download list of books and monographs. It's not a
go-read-this-and-you'll-know book, but it should prove useful.


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