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Lit Linguist Computing -- Table of Contents Alert

June 2006; Vol. 21, No. 2

URL: http://llc.oxfordjournals.org/content/vol21/issue2/index.dtl?etoc

Original Articles

          Alejandro G. Bia and Lisa Lena Opas-Hanninen
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:139-140.

   Human Computing--Modelling with Meaning
          Meurig Beynon, Steve Russ, and Willard McCarty
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:141-157.

   In the Philosophy Room: Australian Realism and Digital Content Development
          Creagh Cole and Paul Scifleet
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:159-167.

   A Prototype for Authorship Attribution Studies
          Patrick Juola, John Sofko, and Patrick Brennan
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:169-178.

   Rule-based Search in Text Databases with Nonstandard Orthography
          Thomas Pilz, Wolfram Luther, Norbert Fuhr, and Ulrich Ammon
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:179-186.

   Functional Disambiguation Based on Syntactic Structures
          Octavio Santana Suarez, Jose Rafael Perez Aguiar, Luis
Losada Garcia, and
          Francisco Javier Carreras Riudavets
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:187-197.

   Callimachus--Avoiding the Pitfalls of XML for Collaborative Text Analysis
          Jeff Smith, Joel Deshaye, and Peter Stoicheff
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:199-218.

   Using Ancillary Text to Index Web-based Multimedia Objects
          Lyne Da Sylva and James M. Turner
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:219-228.

   Disciplined: Using Educational Studies to Analyse 'Humanities Computing'
          Melissa Terras
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:229-246.

   Visual Knowledge: Textual Iconography of the Quixote, a Hypertextual
          Eduardo Urbina, Richard Furuta, Steven Escar Smith, Neal
Audenaert, Jie
          Deng, and Carlos Monroy
          Lit Linguist Computing 2006 21:247-258.
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