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1) Digital Medievalist 2.1 now available

I am pleased to announce the publication of the second issue of our
refereed journal, the Digital Medievalist

In this issue
* Experimental markup in a TEI-conformant setting - Particia R. Bart
* Liturgy, Drama, and the Archive: Three conversions from legacy formats
to TEI XML - James Cummings
* P5-MS: A general purpose tagset for manuscript description - M. J.
* Designing the Old English Newsletter bibliography database - Roy M.
* Bernard J. Muir, ed. 2004. A digital facsimile of Oxford, Bodleian
Library MS. Junius 11. Software by Nick Kennedy. Bodleian Library
Digital Texts 1. Oxford: Bodleian Library. - Murray McGillivray

2) Call for papers

With the publication of Digital Medievalist 2.1, Digital Medievalist
will shift over to a rolling publication. This means that accepted
articles will be published as soon as they are copy-edited and proofed,
rather than twice a year. Articles will be grouped into virtual volumes
for archiving and referencing each December and June.

We are seeking contributions on digital topics for publication in our
journal. Our interest is in articles discussing the use of technology to
teach or research medieval topics. Suitable topics include reports on
projects or tools making innovative use of technology, research results
achieved using digital tools or techniques, theoretical or practical
articles on the use of digital technology in medieval studies research
or pedagogy. We accept notes as well as longer articles.

We are especially interested in articles on work in non-Anglophone
culture, articles on innovative uses for computers in teaching, and
research results produced using technology. Articles on other topics
and Anglophone culture are of course also welcome.

All articles are peer-reviewed by experts with appropriate
specialisations in humanities computing and/or medieval studies. Our
rejection rate currently stands at approximately 50%.

DM also publishes reviews of tools, websites, and books/CD-ROMs. To
discuss proposals for articles, recommend a work for review, or to
enquire about opportunities to serve as a reviewer, please contact the
general editor, daniel.odonnell_at_uleth.ca.


Daniel Paul O'Donnell, PhD
Associate Professor and Chair of English
Director, Digital Medievalist Project
University of Lethbridge
Lethbridge AB T1K 3M4
Vox +1 (403) 329-2378
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