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Senior Humanities Computing Programmer Position Opening at U. of Virginia

Senior programmer position for software development with NINES
(Networked Infrastructure for Nineteenth-century Electronic
Scholarship: <http://www.nines.org/>http://www.nines.org). This
position will work in collaboration with project manager and software
specialist to develop the Juxta tool for conducting comparative
analysis on texts. Additionally, the position will develop the
Ivanhoe tool with two new visualizations. Position requires
object-oriented software expertise, knowledge of XML, Java Swing and
Java 2D. A Masters degree is preferred but not required. Experience
in software development is required. A humanities or arts-oriented
computing background is preferred. The ideal candidate would have
solid experience building desktop applications in Java and would
posses an eagerness to develop new ways of visualizing humanities
data. More information about these tools are available online at:


Send email applications to:

Jerome McGann: <mailto:jjm2f_at_virginia.edu>jjm2f_at_virginia.edu
Duane Gran: <mailto:dmg2n_at_virginia.edu>dmg2n_at_virginia.edu

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