18.466 Antoinette Renouf on Web texts, London, 13/1/05

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         Subject: Antoinette Renouf on Web texts

An Investigation of Phrasal Productivity and Creativity
in Web texts

Antoinette Renouf,
Director of the Research and Development Unit
for English Studies and Research Professor,
School of English, University of Central England,

Web text, due to its size and heterogeneity, serves as a rich
source of phrasal activity, spawning a range of phrasal variants
built on the 'core' elements of the phrase. These variants may be
literal and metaphorical. They may also be based on supposedly
fixed phrases.

As the volume of material on the World Wide Web soars, so this
area of inquiry grows. The talk will explore some research
issues, focusing on the key questions of how conventional
phrases are productive and creative, determining the 'core' of a
conventional phrase and investigating the boundaries of the new

1 pm, Thursday 13 January 2005
Centre for Computing in the Humanities,
Seminar room, 1st floor,
7 Arundel Street
London WC2R 3DX

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