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   [1] From: Hypermedia Joyce Studies (69)
         Subject: IASIL 2005 + Prague James Joyce Colloquium

   [2] From: Geoffrey Rockwell <georock_at_mcmaster.ca> (9)
         Subject: Program for the Face of Text

   [3] From: Kristofer Paetau <kristoferpaetau_at_WEB.DE> (74)
         Subject: Open call to paticipate within "BoundLess" (museum)
                 group exhibition

   [4] From: Erika Smith <erikas_at_UAlberta.ca> (41)
         Subject: Call for Papers: COCH-COSH Graduate Panel

         Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 08:17:29 +0100
         From: Hypermedia Joyce Studies <hypermedia_joyce_at_yahoo.co.uk>
         Subject: IASIL 2005 + Prague James Joyce Colloquium

IASIL 2005 Charles University, Prague
Ireland ­ A Global Village?
25-28 July 2005

The International Association for the Study of Irish Literatures invites
you to
attend its 2005 conference at Charles University, Prague, in the Czech

IASIL 2005 will also incorporate the 2nd Prague James Joyce Colloquium,
organised through the Prague James Joyce Centre and Centre for Irish
Studies, Charles University.

Papers and panels are welcome on a broad range of topics including: Ireland
in the media age; relations between the local and the global; national and
post-national identities; Ireland in translation, translation in Ireland;
modern and postmodern tendencies in Irish literature and performance;
alterity and ethnicity; cultural flows, influence and intertexts in a
“Globalised Ireland,” and on all aspects of the work of James Joyce.

Proposals for papers of 20 minutes duration are welcome on any aspect of
the literatures of Ireland, especially those that focus on the conference
theme. Proposals for panels and nominations for panel chairs are strongly
Deadline for abstracts (of approximately 200 words) and panel proposals:
15th December 2004.

Proposals are now being accepted at conference_at_iasil.org

Founded by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Bohemia, in 1348,
Charles University is among the oldest universities in Europe. IASIL 2005
will take place in the centrally located Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
building. Situated on Jan Palach square on the bank of the river Vltava and
facing Prague Castle, the Faculty building is in the heart of the Old Town
(Stare Mesto) beside the historical Jewish quarter, and just a minutes walk
from Charles Bridge. The area is plentifully supplied with restaurants and
cafés. Wenceslas square, the National Theatre, the National Library, Franz
birthplace are all within short walking distance. The venue is immediately
accessed by metro, tram and bus.

Registration will be processed online after proposals and panels have been
finalised. Accommodation will include a wide range of options from major
hotels to student residences. Details will be announced by email and on the
conference website at www.iasil.org.

All speakers at IASIL conferences must be IASIL members for the year in
which the conference takes place. Full details are on

We are currently arranging a social programme which will include several
formal receptions, a fully catered river cruise and a final banquet.
Walking tours of Prague will also be available.

A Post-Conference tour to South Bohemia will depart on the 29th July,
returning to Prague on the evening of the 30th. The itinerary will include
a visit to the city of Ceske Budejovic, home of the original and only
Budweiser (aka Budvar), the UNESCO protected medieval city of Cesky Krumlov
and its 13th century castle, and on the following day a trip to the
picturesque town of Trebon and the Cervena Lhota chateau.

Information about all aspects of IASIL 2005 is available on the IASIL
website - http://www.iasil.org/prague

IASIL 2005 is organised by the Centre for Irish Studies within the
Department of English and American Studies at Charles University.
Organising committee: Louis Armand, Ondrej Pilny, Clare Wallace.

The conference is organised under the aegis of the Dean of the Faculty of
Arts and Philosophy, Charles University, and the Mayor of Prague, the
Capital of the Czech Republic.

         Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 08:20:55 +0100
         From: Geoffrey Rockwell <georock_at_mcmaster.ca>
         Subject: Program for the Face of Text

Dear all,

The full program for the Face of Text conference upcoming in November is
now up at:


The conference runs from Nov. 19 - 21 and will focus on text analysis and
text visualization. We have a terrific roster of invited and peer-reviewed
speakers. Register and come!


Geoffrey Rockwell
McMaster University

         Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2004 08:23:08 +0100
         From: Kristofer Paetau <kristoferpaetau_at_WEB.DE>
         Subject: Open call to paticipate within "BoundLess" (museum) group

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Amateurs of contemporary art,

Check out this open call for (free) participation in the project of Jan
Christensen, within the "BoundLess" group exhibition in Stenersenmuseet,
Oslo, Norway, curated by Henry Meyric Hughes. I think it's a very good
project in that kind of an institutional context.

Please send your material / questions directly to: jan_b_christensen_at_yahoo.com

For informations about my Artinfo-l mailing list and how to unsubscribe,
please have a look at the end of this mail.

Best wishes, Kristofer Paetau


This is an open call for contributing material to a project intended for a
group show in Stenersenmuseet, Oslo, Norway, curated by Henry Meyric
Hughes. The show is scheduled to open in February, 2005.

I have been invited as a participating artist for the show "BoundLess",
which has a theme based on the idea of artists travelling, creating
networks of affiliated people and the notion that creativity is relative
and subject to your meetings and subsequent inspirations.

I would like to open this up further by inviting ANYBODY to submit material
such as text or images - or both - which will fit on a sheet of A4 in black
and white. It could be a text, an article, a drawing, a note, a photograph
or whatever. Your material will be included in the show as a reproduction,
without any restrictions or censorship, and I will furthermore make an
effort to reproduce selected images and illustrations (blown up as posters
or painted up as some sort of background decoration), as a backdrop to the
show. I will even try to execute any instructions you supply, to the best
of my ability. There is no limit to the number of pieces you submit, but
please note that each work of art should be limited to a single sheet of paper.

Please forward this email to ANYBODY you might think would find it interesting.

You may credit this show as a group show, in which you participate by your
involvement in this installation, though I can not guarantee that details
regarding each participant will be included for additional printed matter,
apart from what I will myself produce, as part of the show, which will be
some sort of printed document consisting of all contributions, including
credits (names only,) and, hopefully, a poster. The complete document will
then be available for download as a PDF from my homepage (
http://www.janchristensen.org ).

I will respond personally to every contributor with detailed information
regarding the exhibition. Please note that there will not be any fees or
reimbursements included for participants to this project.

Please be aware that copyrights will not be respected. Popular culture is
founded on appropriation.

Please send ANY ideas, texts and material to me by email as soon as
possible and no later than 31 December, 2004.

email: jan_b_christensen_at_yahoo.com
Format: DIN A4
Black and White
File formats: RTF (Rich Text Format), PDF and JPEG.
Dpi: 72-300 dpi
Fonts: If you are using uncommon fonts for RTF and PDF documents, please
include the fonts (PC) with the attachment, or simply produce the text as a
300 dpi JPEG file.

I hope you find this interesting and I hope to see your contribution.

Thank you in advance and sincerely yours,
Jan Christensen.

*** This is not spam. Please excuse any cross-mailing. ***


Artinfo-l is an independent, non-commercial artistic media and a
communication network. The aim is to provide You with interesting visual
and intellectual material in the field of contemporary art. Substantial
research related to contemporary art should be made accessible and
wide-spread; this is why I constantly enlarge the Artinfo-l list, in order
to include more potential Amateurs of contemporary art. I apologize for
cross&multiple-postings and you can of course unsubscribe:

To unsubscribe automatically, please send an empty e-mail from your e-mail
account to: ARTINFO-L-unsubscribe-request_at_listserv.dfn.de

If this doesn't work, please reply to this mail and write UNSUBSCRIBE in
the mail subject and please include any old & alternative e-mail addresses
in the mail. You probably got this mail re-routed from another e-mail
account and I need to find out from which account it was, in order to
unsubscribe you.

Thank you, Kristofer Paetau


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         Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2004 07:59:12 +0100
         From: Erika Smith <erikas_at_UAlberta.ca>
         Subject: Call for Papers: COCH-COSH Graduate Panel


The Consortium for Computers in the Humanities is pleased to announce a new
graduate student panel at this year's annual conference. The conference
will take place in London, Ontario at the University of Western Ontario
from May 29 - June 1, 2005.

COCH-COSH is a Canada-wide association of representatives from Canadian
colleges and universities whose objective is to foster communications
about, and sharing of, information technology developed by Canadian
institutions for the betterment of post-secondary education across Canada.
This year's COCH-COSH conference will feature presentations focusing on
dynamic and emerging areas of research, and will engage in issues from many
different disciplines in the humanities and social sciences.

Topics for the graduate panel of this conference will include, but are not
limited to, the following:

- gender and technology
- issues of accessibility in the digital age
- digital community and interaction
- new directions for (interdisciplinary) humanities scholarship
- educational technology
- new media and textuality
- innovative (post-secondary) educational resources and curriculum
- defining (or integrating) interactivity in cultural spaces
- peer interaction and new technology in academia

Single-paper proposals will be accepted electronically via the conference web
site: http://www.coch-cosh.ca/Congress/2005.

Submission Deadline: December 15, 2004.

Proposals should be no longer than 500 words and conference presentations
should be between 15-20 minutes. Please note: all submissions should
clearly note in the body of the abstract that they are intended for the
graduate panel.

Session proposals and other inquiries may be emailed directly to:

Patrick Finn (St. Mary's University-College) and Alan Galey (University of
Western Ontario):


Erika Smith
COCH-COSH Graduate Panel Organizer

Erika Smith
M.A. Candidate
Humanities Computing
University of Alberta
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