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Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 16:58:34 EDT

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             Date: Sun, 04 Apr 2004 09:33:29 +0100
             From: Willard McCarty <willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk>
             Subject: a quotation from Bateson

    Someone named Jim Funaro (who seems to have vanished utterly) attributed
    the following useful sentence to Gregory Bateson: "There are the hard
    sciences, and then there are the difficult sciences." (See
    http://www.icase.edu/workshops/hress01/presentations/funaro.pdf for the
    reference.) Can anyone point me to chapter and verse?

    Allow me to offer and bestow a reward in anticipation: the title of a paper
    by Guillaume Wunsch (Louvain), "God has chosen to give the easy problems to
    the physicists, or why demographers need theory", found online at


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