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             From: Sean Lawrence <seanlawrence@writeme.com>
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    To whom it may concern,

    The latest special issue of Early Modern Literary Studies has just been
    posted at http://purl.oclc.org/emls/emlsframes.html

    Editted by Gabriel Egan, this issue is dedicated to "Computer Modelling of
    Performance Spaces". Illustrations for certain of the articles require a
    virtual reality modelling language plug-in for a web-browser.

    Yours sincerely,

    Sean Lawrence,
    Assistant Editor.

    Contents of EMLS Special Issue 13 (April 2004):

    Editor's introduction. Gabriel Egan, Shakespeare's Globe and King's College

    A report on Virtual Reality (VR) in theatre history research: Creating a
    spatial context for performance. [2] Christie Carson, Royal Holloway
    University of London.

    Modelling the anatomy theatre and the indoor hall theatre: Dissection on
    the stages of early modern London. [3] Christian Billing, University of Hull.

    Reconstructing Shakespeare's second Globe using 'Computer Aided Design'
    (CAD) tools. [4] Tim Fitzpatrick, University of Sydney.

    The 1599 Globe and its modern replica: Virtual Reality modelling of the
    archaeological and pictorial evidence. [5] Gabriel Egan, Shakespeare's
    Globe and King's College London.

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