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From: Humanist Discussion Group (by way of Willard McCarty willard.mccarty@kcl.ac.uk)
Date: Fri May 07 2004 - 16:52:32 EDT

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       [1] From: catac@wirth.murdoch.edu.au (37)
             Subject: Keynote Speaker and Program - CATaC'04

       [2] From: Elli Mylonas <Elli_Mylonas@brown.edu> (45)
             Subject: Fwd: May 7, 8 International Seminar

       [3] From: "Int. Center for Computational Logic" (66)
             Subject: ICCL Summer School 2004 - Final Call

       [4] From: "JELIA'04" <jelia04@di.fct.unl.pt> (8)
             Subject: JELIA'04 - Deadline Reminder

       [5] From: "Olga Francois" <ofrancois@umuc.edu> (30)
             Subject: Early Registration: Copyright Symposium

       [6] From: Stéfan Sinclair (25)
                     <Stefan.Sinclair@UAlberta.ca> (by
             Subject: Fwd: CARL/ABRC "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?"

             Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 07:00:46 +0100
             From: catac@wirth.murdoch.edu.au
             Subject: Keynote Speaker and Program - CATaC'04

    Dear Colleagues

    We are pleased to announce that Nina Wakeford (Director of the Incubator
    for Critical Inquiry into Technology and Ethnography (INCITE) research
    centre in the Department of Sociology, University of Surrey, UK) will
    present the keynote address opening this year's conference on Cultural
    Attitudes towards Technology and Culture (CATaC'04). Professor Wakeford's
    address is entitled "Technology and Mobility at the Margins".

    The program for CATaC'04 further includes presenters from 28 countries
    focusing on six major themes:
    1. Culture: theory and praxis
    2. ICTs and intercultural communication
    3. ICTs and cultural hybridity
    4. Culture and economy
    5. Governments and activists in culture, technology and communication
    6. Culture, communication, and e-learning
    as well as several themed sessions.

    The program also includes two panels, each chaired and shaped by
    distinguished colleagues:
    1. The Multilingual Internet - chairs, Susan Herring and Brenda Danet
    2. Utopian Dreams vs. Real-World Conditions: Under what conditions can ICTs
    really help worse off communities? - chair, Michel Menou

    CATaC'04 will take place 27 June - 1 July 2004, in the "city of the sun" -
    Karlstad, Sweden - right after Midsummer celebrations on June 25-26.

    For additional information regarding the conference, including complete
    program, accommodation, registration, and travel information, please see
    the conference website, www.it.murdoch.edu.au/catac/.

    On behalf of our local co-chairs, Malin Sveningsson, Ylva Hard af
    Segerstad, and Robert Burnett, we hope you will be able to join us in
    Karlstad. Please feel free to address any additional questions to:

    Charles Ess
    Drury University
    Tel: 417-873-7230; Fax: 417-873-7435

    Fay Sudweeks
    Murdoch University
    Tel: 61-8-9360-2364; Fax: 61-8-9360-2941

             Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 07:01:44 +0100
             From: Elli Mylonas <Elli_Mylonas@brown.edu>
             Subject: Fwd: May 7, 8 International Seminar

    >Date: Tue, 20 Apr 2004 18:24:13 -0400
    >From: Massimo Riva <Massimo_Riva@brown.edu>
    >Dear Colleagues,
    >The final program of the seminar "Online Resources for the
    >Humanities: Interdisciplinary Perspectives," which will take place
    >here at Brown on May 7 and 8, 2004, Wilson 102, is now available at:
    >In addition to presentations by eleven colleagues from various
    >Italian universities, we will also have presentations from Gregory
    >Crane (Tufts, Perseus Project), Geoffrey Rockwell (MacMaster,
    >Project TAPOR) and Allen Renear (formerly director of our Scholarly
    >Technology Group, now at the School of Library and Information
    >Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign).
    >The seminar will be officially "bilingual." We have left ample space
    >for discussion at the end of each session, and I look forward to
    >your participation. In order to facilitate communication among all
    >the partecipants, we will provide abstracts and outlines or copies
    >of all the presentations in both Italian and English (the visual
    >component of each presentation should also help). In addition, Vika
    >Zafrin and I will provide simultaneous translation during the
    >discussions, when needed.
    >I look forward to seeing you at this final event of our Wayland
    >Collegium Faculty Seminar on Computing and the Future of the
    >And you are all invited to the reception at the Faculty Club, on
    >Friday, May 7, at 6 (RSVP, Mona_Delgado@brown.edu).
    >Massimo Riva
    >Massimo Riva,
    >Chair, Department of Italian Studies
    >Box 1942, Brown University
    >Providence, RI 02912
    >voice: (401) 863-1561
    >fax.: (401) 863-3304

             Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 07:02:42 +0100
             From: "Int. Center for Computational Logic"
             Subject: ICCL Summer School 2004 - Final Call

                              ICCL Summer School 2004
                     Proof Theory and Automated Theorem Proving
                                 PCC Workshop 2004
                          Technische Universitaet Dresden
                                  June 14-25, 2004


    Call for Participation

    This two-week meeting consists of two integrated parts, a summer school
    and a workshop, aimed at graduate students and researchers. The themes
    for the summer school are proof theory and automated theorem proving,
    the workshop is about proof, computation and complexity. As in the
    summer schools at TU Dresden in 2002 and 2003 and in the previous
    editions of the PCC workshop, people from distinct but communicating
    communities will gather in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

    We ask for a participation fee of 200 EUR. We request registration
    before May 10, 2004; please send an email to
    <mailto:PTEvent@ICCL.TU-Dresden.DE>, making sure you include a very
    brief bio (5-10 lines) stating your experience, interests, home page (if
    available), etc. It will be possible for some students to present their
    work: please indicate in your application if you would like to do so and
    give us some information about your proposed talk.

    We will select applicants in case of excessive demand. A limited number
    of grants covering all expenses is available, please indicate in your
    application if the only possibility for you to participate is via a
    grant. Applications for grants must include an estimate of travel costs
    and they should be sent together with the registration. We will provide
    assistance in finding an accommodation in Dresden.

    Week 1, June 14-17: courses on

         Term Rewriting Systems
         Franz Baader (TU Dresden)

         Deep Inference and the Calculus of Structures
         Alessio Guglielmi (TU Dresden)

         Game Semantics and Its Applications
         C.-H. L. Ong (Oxford)

         On June 14 Prof Wolfgang Bibel will give an invited lecture

    June 17-19: workshop

         For more details, please consult the workshop web page

    Week 2, June 21-25: courses on

         Deduction Modulo
         Claude Kirchner (Loria & INRIA, Nancy)

         Logic Considered as a Branch of Geometry
         Francois Lamarche (Loria & INRIA, Nancy)

         Proofs as Programs
         Michel Parigot (CNRS - Universite' Paris 7)

         Automated Reasoning for Substructural Logics
         John Slaney (NICTA, Canberra and Australian National University)

         Automated Theorem Proving for Classical Logics
         Andrei Voronkov (Manchester)


    Dresden, on the river Elbe, is one of the most important art cities of
    Germany. You can find world-class museums and wonderful architecture
    and surroundings. We will organize trips and social events.


    This event is organized by the International Center for Computational
    Logic (ICCL), Paola Bruscoli, Birgit Elbl, Sylvia Epp, Bertram
    Fronhoefer, Axel Grossmann, Alessio Guglielmi, Steffen Hoelldobler,
    Reinhard Kahle and Mariana Stantcheva; it is sponsored by Deutscher
    Akademischer Austausch Dienst (DAAD), under the program `Deutsche
    Sommer-Akademie', and CoLogNet.

    Please distribute this message broadly.

             Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 07:03:16 +0100
             From: "JELIA'04" <jelia04@di.fct.unl.pt>
             Subject: JELIA'04 - Deadline Reminder

                               DEADLINE REMINDER
         9th European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence
                      Lisbon, Portugal, September 27-30
             Submission deadline: May 9th (abstracts due May 6th)

             Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 07:03:39 +0100
             From: "Olga Francois" <ofrancois@umuc.edu>
             Subject: Early Registration: Copyright Symposium

                          *May 10, 2004*
                    Early Registration Deadline
                           * * *

           June 10-11, 2004, Inn and Conference Center,
            University of Maryland University College
                    Washington, DC Metro Area
                       * * *

    Higher education institutions are facing complex issues involved in the
    use of campus computer networks, the delivery of scholarly materials to
    faculty and students, and securing information disseminated on campus.
    This symposium will focus on these and other issues that affect the
    delivery of quality, copyrighted content in higher education, including:

    - The impact of the rising costs of scholarly materials
    - Peer-to-peer file sharing over university networks
    - The impact of digital rights management systems
    - Current legislation impacting copyright and higher education
    - Other provocative topics pertinent to the symposium subject

    Nationally recognized experts and scholars will discuss these issues
    during the two day program. For more information about speakers and the
    symposium agenda please review the following URLs:

             SPEAKERS http://www.umuc.edu/odell/cip/symposium/speakers.html
             AGENDA http://www.umuc.edu/odell/cip/symposium/agenda.html

    Early registration ends *May 10, 2004*. You may register online or you
    may register by phone by calling 301-985-7777 or 1-800-283-6832,
    extension 7777. For additional information, please call or visit our web
    site. Sponsored by the Center for Intellectual Property at the
    University of Maryland University College. [Please excuse the inevitable
    duplication of this notice.]

             Date: Wed, 05 May 2004 07:04:14 +0100
             From: Stéfan Sinclair <Stefan.Sinclair@UAlberta.ca> (by
             Subject: Fwd: CARL/ABRC "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow?"

    Dear Colleagues,

    A session of possible interest for those of you who will be at Congress in

    poster: http://www.carl-abrc.ca//graphics/heretoday.jpg
    programme: http://www.carl-abrc.ca/meetings/2004/congressprog-e.pdf

    >“Here today, gone tomorrow?”
    >For the researcher of today, the brave new world of information
    >communications technology offers a cornucopia of resources unknown to
    >earlier generations. But the infrastructure to ensure long-term access and
    >preservation is largely absent.
    >Will the researcher’s works of today be accessible to the next generation?
    >Please join the Canadian Association of Research Libraries, partner
    >organizations, and distinguished international speakers to explore what
    >may or may not be the future of your scholarly work.
    >This session will be held June 2, 2004 at the University of Manitoba, as
    >part of the Congress 2004 Research Community Day.


    Stéfan Sinclair, University of Alberta Phone: (780) 492-6768, FAX: (780) 492-9106, Office: Arts 218-B Address: Arts 200, MLCS, UofA, Edmonton, AB (Canada) T6G 2E6 M.A. in Humanities Computing: http://huco.ualberta.ca/

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