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    Classics @
    The Electronic Journal of the Center for Hellenic Studies of Harvard
    Volume 02, 2004. Christopher Blackwell, Ross Scaife, edd.


    Greg Nagy, "Preface".
    Christopher Blackwell and Ross Scaife, "Introduction: CHS Summer
    Workshop on Technology."
    Deborah Anderson, "Preliminary Guidelines to Using Unicode for Greek."
    Michael Arnush, "The Epigraphic Database for Athenian Democracy (EDAD)."
    Christopher W. Blackwell, "Demos: Challenges and Lessons."
    Sandra Boero-Imwinkelried, "Vicus Unquentarius: Perfume, Epigraphy, and
    Hugh A. Cayless, "Directory Services for Classical Informatics."
    Susan Guettel Cole, "From GML to XML."
    Casey Dué and Mary Ebbott, "As Many Homers As You Please: an On-line
    Multitext of Homer."
    Rebecca Frost Davis, "Collaborative Classics: Technology and the Small
    Liberal Arts College."
    Michael Jones, "Making electronic publication easier, faster, and more
    powerful with Hydra, a drag-and-drop TEI publishing environment."
    Martin Mueller, "Of Digital Serendipity and the Homeric Scholia."
    Bruce Robertson, "Improving Ancient History Online with Heml."
    Neel Smith, "TextServer: Toward a Protocol for Describing Libraries."
    Lenny Muellner, "CHS Publishing Program and Goals."

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