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    May 12, 2003

    Lund, Sweden - Lund University Libraries today launches the Directory of
    Open Access Journals ( DOAJ, http://www.doaj.org ), supported by the
    Information Program of the Open Society Institute (
    http://www.osi.hu/infoprogram/ ), along with SPARC (The Scholarly
    Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition, ( http://www.arl.org/sparc ).
    The directory contains information about 350 open access journals, i.e.
    quality controlled scientific and scholarly electronic journals that are
    freely available on the web. The service will continue to grow as new
    journals are identified.

    The goal of the Directory of Open Access Journals is to increase the
    visibility and accessibility of open access scholarly journals, thereby
    promoting their increased usage and impact. The directory aims to
    comprehensively cover all open access scholarly journals that use an
    appropriate quality control system. Journals in all languages and subject
    areas will be included in the DOAJ.

    The database records will be freely available for reuse in other services
    and can be harvested by using the OAI-PMH ( http://www.openarchives.org/ ),
    thus further increasing the visibility of the journals. The further
    development of DOAJ will continue with version 2, which will offer the
    enhanced feature of allowing the journals to be searched at the article
    level, and is expected to be available in late fall 2003.

    "For the researcher DOAJ will mean simplified access to relevant
    information said Lars Bjrnshauge, Director, Lund University Libraries. The
    directory will give open-access journals a simple method to register their
    existence, and a means to dramatically enhance their visibility. Moreover,
    by enabling searches of all journals in the database at the article level,
    the next stage of DOAJ development will save research time and increase
    readership of articles."

    If you know a journal that should be included in the directory, use this
    form to report it to the directory: http://www.doaj.org/suggest.
    Information about how to obtain DOAJ records for use in a library catalog
    or other service you will find at:

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