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         Subject: Call for Papers - CASTA 04

The Face of Text
Computer Assisted Text Analysis in the Humanities

CALL for Papers

"The Face of Text" will be a three day conference
          November 19th - November 21st, 2004
hosted by McMaster University. This conference will be the third CaSTA
(Canadian Symposium on Text Analysis) conference organized and sponsored by
the TAPoR project (Text Analysis Portal for Research). (Information about
last year's conference is at


The TAPoR project, funded by the Canada Foundation for Innovation and
provincial and university partners, is a network of six Canadian
universities which are building the human and computing infrastructure to
facilitate sophisticated representation and manipulation of textual
objects. The resources and tools developed will be delivered via a portal.
(See <http://www.tapor.ca/>www.tapor.ca ).

The CaSTA Program Committee invites submissions that focus on the ways in
which scholars and students use digital texts, including digital texts with
rich multimedia components. Barriers to effective exploitation of texts are
also of interest. The field of enquiry embraces computer science,
information science, new media and the humanities. We welcome papers on
interface, research methodology, hermeneutics and documentation, and
demonstrations of innovative solutions.

Some of the questions we hope will be addressed are:
* How do scholars use digital textual resources? What are some of the
barriers to effective use at this time?
* How is electronic text changing the way that humanities scholarship is
* What research methodologies can be automated or assisted by computing?
* Can computers assist us in the interpretation of text?
* How can computers assist us visualizing electronic texts?
* What are the best practices in documentation and provision of help
systems for text tools?
* What models are there for interfaces to research text analysis systems?
* How can text systems support multilingual texts and communities?
* How can text analysis research benefit and learn from applied text
systems in fields like law and medicine?

Presentations are invited in three categories:
              papers ­ 30 minutes
              short presentations ­ 15 minutes
              e-posters ­ demonstrations of software or posters
Submitters proposing a paper must send an abstract (for a paper, of about
500 words; for short presentations and e-posters, about 350 words); please
include the author's name(s), affiliation, and contact information. Please
indicate your computing requirements (data projector, computers, network
connection, etc.).

Graduate students are encouraged to submit papers. We have funding to
support travel and accommodation for a limited number of Canadian graduate

Invited speakers include: Jerome McGann, John Unsworth, John Bradley, Julia
Flanders, Jean-Guy Meunier, and Steve Ramsay.

Submissions should be sent to the Program Committee at:
Submissions should either be in the body of the e-mail message or point to
a web resource.

Submissions are due August 15th, 2004. The Program Committee expects to
respond by September 20th, 2004.

This conference has been made possible by funding from the Social Sciences
and Humanities Research Council of Canada's Image, Text, Sound and
Technology program.

CaSTA 2004: The Face of Text Programme Committee:
Geoffrey Rockwell, Conference Chair
Terry Butler, Programme Chair
Peter Liddell, Stéfan Sinclair, and Elaine Toms -- Programme Committee

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