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   [1] From: Carolyn Kotlas <kotlas@email.unc.edu> (21)
         Subject: CIT INFOBITS -- February 2004

   [2] From: ubiquity <ubiquity@HQ.ACM.ORG> (11)
         Subject: Ubiquity 5.2

         Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 08:16:33 +0000
         From: Carolyn Kotlas <kotlas@email.unc.edu>
         Subject: CIT INFOBITS -- February 2004

CIT INFOBITS February 2004 No. 68 ISSN 1521-9275


INFOBITS is an electronic service of The University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill's Center for Instructional Technology. Each month the
CIT's Information Resources Consultant monitors and selects from a
number of information and instructional technology sources
that come to her attention and provides brief notes for electronic
dissemination to educators.


Inviting the Student into the Instructional Process
More 2004 IT Predictions
Lost Internet Citations
Asynchronous Learning in Community Colleges
Higher Ed IT Study
History of Intellectual Property Reading Group
Recommended Reading

[material deleted]

INFOBITS is also available online on the World Wide Web at
http://www.unc.edu/cit/infobits/ (HTML format) and at
http://www.unc.edu/cit/infobits/text/index.html (plain text format).

         Date: Wed, 03 Mar 2004 08:17:59 +0000
         From: ubiquity <ubiquity@HQ.ACM.ORG>
         Subject: Ubiquity 5.2

This Week in Ubiquity:

Volume 5, Issue 2

(March 3-9, 2004)


Correct by Design

Jesse Poore suggests a revolution in programming -- holding software
developers to the same level of rigor of training and workmanship as other
professionals, developing software that's correct by design, and
constraining the release of software-intensive products until they are
scientifically certified as fit for use.


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