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    Geometric Modeling: Techniques, Applications, Systems and Tools

    edited by

    Muhammad Sarfraz
    King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Saudi Arabia

    This book aims to provide a valuable source, which focuses on
    interdisciplinary methods and affiliate research in the area of Geometric
    Modeling and Graphics. It aims to provide the user community with a variety
    of Geometric Modeling techniques, applications, systems and tools necessary
    for various real life problems in areas such as Designing objects, Medical
    Visualization, Scientific Data Visualization, Archaeology, Toon Rendering,
    Virtual Reality, Body Simulation, etc. It also aims to collect and
    disseminate information from various disciplines including Curve and
    Surface Fitting, Geometric Algorithms, Scientific Visualization, Shape
    Abstraction and Modeling, Intelligent CAD Systems, Computational Geometry,
    Solid Modeling, Shape Analysis and Description, Medical and Industrial
    Applications. The major goal of this book is to stimulate views and provide
    a source where researchers and practitioners can find the latest
    developments in the field of Geometric Modeling and related practical
    issues. The book is useful for researchers, practicing engineers, computer
    scientists, and many others who seek state of the art techniques,
    applications, systems and tools for Geometric Modeling and Graphics. The
    book will be a useful source of ideas and techniques for those who seek
    further research and practice in the development and applications of
    Computer Aided Geometric Modeling. The introduction to various techniques
    and applications, together with the developed systems and tools, may serve
    to stimulate the interest of undergraduate senior students as well as
    graduate students in the areas of Computer Science, Engineering, and
    Mathematics. The book consists of twenty-two well documented chapters
    distributed in three sections of Geometric Modeling Techniques,
    Applications, Systems andTools.

    Hardbound ISBN: 1-4020-1817-7 Date: December 2003 Pages: 466 pp.
    EURO 128.00 / USD 141.00 / GBP 88.00

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