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       [1] From: Jan Engelen <Jan.Engelen@ESAT.KULEUVEN.AC.BE> (46)
             Subject: Invitation to participate in the Electronic Publishing
                     Conf. ELPUB2004

       [2] From: "Charles Ess @ ITU" <chess@itu.dk> (53)
             Subject: Final CFP - CATaC'04

       [3] From: Manuel Montes <mmontesg@inaoep.mx> (57)
             Subject: Call for papers: Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference
                     AWIC 2004

             Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 07:50:19 +0000
             From: Jan Engelen <Jan.Engelen@ESAT.KULEUVEN.AC.BE>
             Subject: Invitation to participate in the Electronic Publishing
    Conf. ELPUB2004


    Dear specialists and professionals in electronic publishing,

    On behalf of the Programme Committee, I would like you to participate as a
    contributor to the 8th ELPUB conference that will be hosted in June 2004 by
    the Department of Information Science at the University of Brasilia
    (West-central Brazil), a beautiful city which is part of the world's
    cultural heritage.

    This 8th ELPUB conference will keep the tradition of the seven previous
    international conferences on electronic publishing, held in the United
    Kingdom (in 1997 and 2001), Hungary (1998), Sweden (1999), Russia (2000),
    the Czech Republic (2002) and Portugal (2003), which is to bring together
    researchers, lecturers, developers, businessmen, entrepreneurs, managers,
    users and all those interested on issues regarding electronic publishing in
    widely differing contexts.

    These include the human, cultural, economic, social, scientific,
    technological, legal, commercial and all other relevant aspects that such
    an exciting theme encompasses.

    Elpub 2004 offers a variety of activities, such as workshops, tutorials,
    panel debates etc. So, the conference will bring about opportunities for
    attendants to participate in a number of activities.

    We think that you're knowledge would be appreciated by the ELPUB delegates
    and therefore I repeat my invitation to submit a paper, a tutorial theme or
    a demonstration. Papers will be reviewed by an international team of
    specialists. The call for papers with all details has been attached to this
    email. If for any reason the attachment to this mail is not accessible, you
    will find it also at:

    Welcome to ELPUB2004,

    Jan Engelen
    Programme Chair
    ** with my apologies for possible double postings **

    Prof. Jan Engelen |
    Katholieke Universiteit Leuven | mailto:Jan.Engelen@kuleuven.ac.be
    Dept. Electrotechniek - ESAT |
    Onderzoeksgroep Documentarchitecturen | tel. : +32 (0)16 32 11 23
    Kasteelpark Arenberg 10 |
    B-3001 Heverlee-Leuven | fax. : +32 (0)16 32 19 86
    BELGIUM | or +32 (0)16 23 74 31
    WWW - server : http://www.esat.kuleuven.ac.be/teo
    How to find us: http://www.esat.kuleuven.ac.be/info/route.en.shtml
                      or try GPS: N 5051,729 / E 441,166

             Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 07:52:51 +0000
             From: "Charles Ess @ ITU" <chess@itu.dk>
             Subject: Final CFP - CATaC'04


    Fourth International Conference on
    27 June-1 July 2004
    Karlstad University, Sweden

    Conference theme:
    Off the shelf or from the ground up?
    ICTs and cultural marginalization, homogenization or hybridization

    The biennial CATaC conference series provides a continuously expanding
    international forum for the presentation and discussion of current research
    on how diverse cultural attitudes shape the implementation and use of
    information and communication technologies (ICTs). The conference series
    brings together scholars from around the globe who provide diverse
    perspectives, both in terms of the specific culture(s) they highlight in
    their presentations and discussions, and in terms of the discipline(s)
    through which they approach the conference theme. The first conference in
    the series was held in London in 1998, the second in Perth in 2000, and the
    third in Montreal in 2002.

    Beginning with our first conference in 1998, the CATaC conferences
    have highlighted theoretical and praxis-oriented scholarship and research
    from all parts of the globe, including Asia, Africa, and the Middle-East.
    The conferences focus especially on people and communities at the developing
    edges of ICT diffusion, including indigenous peoples and those outside the
    English-speaking world.

    Understanding the role of culture in how far minority and/or indigenous
    cultural groups may succeed - or fail - in taking up ICTs designed for a
    majority culture is obviously crucial to the moral and political imperative
    of designing ICTs in ways that will not simply reinforce such groups'
    marginalization. What is the role of culture in the development of ICTs
    "from the ground up" - beginning with the local culture and conditions -
    rather than assuming dominant "off the shelf" technologies are appropriate?
    Are the empowering potentials of ICTs successfully exploited among minority
    and indigenous groups, and/or do they rather engender cultural
    marginalization, cultural homogenization or cultural hybridization?

    Original full papers (especially those which connect theoretical frameworks
    with specific examples of cultural values, practices, etc.) and short papers
    (e.g. describing current research projects and preliminary results) are

    Topics of particular interest include but are not limited to:

    - Culture: theory and praxis
    - Culture and economy
    - Alternative models for ICT diffusion
    - Role of governments and activists in culture, technology and communication
    - ICTs and cultural hybridity
    - ICTs and intercultural communication
    - Culture, communication and e-learning

    Our conference themes provide a range of approaches to the questions raised.
    In addition, CATaC'04 will feature two particular foci, each chaired by a
    distinguished colleague who will oversee paper review and development of the
    final panels.

    [material deleted]

             Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 07:53:35 +0000
             From: Manuel Montes <mmontesg@inaoep.mx>
             Subject: Call for papers: Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference
    AWIC 2004

    Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference
    May 13-19, 2004
    CANCUN, Mexico

    Springer LNCS

    Submission Deadline: December 05, 2003
    Acceptance Notification: February 05, 2004
    Camera-Ready Papers: February 28, 2004

    Social Network Analysis and the Web
    Prabhakar Raghavan
    Verity Inc. & Stanford

    Title to be announced
    Lee Giles
    The Pennsylvania State University

    The 2004 Atlantic Web Intelligence Conference brings together scientists,
    engineers, computer users, and students to exchange and share their
    new ideas and research results about all aspects (theory, applications and
    of Artificial Intelligence Techniques applied to Web Based Systems, and to
    discuss the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted.

    The conference will cover a broad set of Artificial Intelligence Techniques,
    such as (but not restricted to):

    -Case Based Reasoning
    -Fuzzy Logic
    -Genetic Algorithms
    -Genetic Programming
    -Knowledge Management
    -Multivalued Logic
    -Neural Networks
    -Reinforcement Learning
    -Rough Sets
    -Semantic Networks

    Applied to the problems associated with Web Based System such as (but not
    restricted to):

    -Web Design
    -Conversational Systems
    -Electronic Commerce
    -Information Retrieval
    -Recommender Systems
    -Browsing and Exploration
    -Adaptive Web
    -User Profiling/Clustering
    -E-mail/SMS filtering
    -Negotiation Systems
    -Security, Privacy, and Trust
    -Web-log Mining

    [material deleted]

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