17.308 JoDI call for papers: Information Design Models and Processes

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    Call for Papers

    Journal of Digital Information announces a Special Issue on
    Information Design Models and Processes

    Special issue Editor: David Lowe
    University of Technology, Sydney

    Submission deadline: 15 December 2003
    Publication: April 2004

    Submissions are invited for a special issue of the Information Management
    theme of JoDI on information design models and processes.

    A crucial aspect of Web systems is the way in which information is utilised
    and managed. Recent work on areas as diverse as topic maps, information
    architectures, adaptation of UML, agile development methods such as extreme
    programming, and modelling for the semantic Web, have all contributed to an
    emerging understanding of how to design the information structures that
    underpin the Web (and of course much of this work has in turn been informed
    by research in areas like hypertext and HCI). Despite this the research
    outcomes have had questionable impact on current commercial practice -
    something of significant concern as Web systems mature and become an
    increasingly integral element of our social infrastructure.

    Much work remains on supporting the wide adoption of emerging modelling
    approaches and development processes. There are numerous unanswered
    questions around aspects such as: what these models ought to capture; how
    they relate information design to functional design; and how the design
    process accommodates changing client and developer understanding of
    information designs during the development. This special issue will focus
    on how this body of work might best support practical improvement to Web
    system development.

    For more details on indicative topics and submission, see the full call

    All submissions will be subject to peer review.

    The Journal of Digital Information is an electronic journal published only
    via the Web. JoDI is currently free to all users thanks to support from the
    British Computer Society and Oxford University Press.

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