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Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 01:04:31 EDT

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       [1] From: Peter Liddell <pgl@uvic.ca> (34)
             Subject: new info about CaSTA conference (Nov 14th)

       [2] From: Charles Ess / IT-U <chess@itu.dk> (37)
             Subject: workshop on Internet research ethics

       [3] From: Arun-Kumar Tripathi (47)
             Subject: Stallabrass on "The Aesthetics of Net Art"

             Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 06:00:57 +0100
             From: Peter Liddell <pgl@uvic.ca>
             Subject: new info about CaSTA conference (Nov 14th)

    Canadian Symposium on Text Analysis Research (CaSTA)
    University of Victoria, November 14, 2003

    Dear colleagues

    For those of you planning your itinerary to the CaSTA Symposium in
    Victoria, we have information about excellent rates ($70 single + taxes) at
    our designated hotel, the Hotel Grand Pacific:
    Shuttles from the airport to the hotels downtown run frequently. Please be
    sure to ask the hotel for the government rate, and cite the University of
    Victoria. The all-day conference will begin early on the 14th November.
    Arrival on the 13th is therefore advisable There is a high probability of a
    public lecture on a very closely-related topic at 7.30 that evening.
    Details will be posted here when confirmed.

    Second piece of good news: there will be no conference fee.
    Local directions will be provided on the conference website, along with the
    Program, once it has been organized.

    And thirdly: if you have not yet submitted your Abstract, there's still time.
    Here are the details once more:

    Canadian Symposium on Text Analysis Research (CaSTA)
    University of Victoria, November 14, 2003

              "Analyzing the BLOB (Binary Large OBject):
              Working with multimedia and textual analysis tools."

    The second annual CaSTA Symposium is sponsored by the TAPoR Consortium
    (http://www.tapor.ca/) and hosted by the University of Victoria's
    Humanities Computing & Media Centre (http://web.uvic.ca/hcmc/).

    Proposals from any colleague interested in text-analysis are welcome.
    They should be no longer than 300 words, for either 20-minute Papers
    (+10 for questions/comments) or Posters - please specify - and will be
    reviewed by a four-person committee.

    Abstracts should be submitted to: casta@uvic.ca by Friday, September 26th 2003.

    Decisions will be announced one week later, or earlier if possible.

    Please forward to any colleagues who may be interested.

    We look forward to welcoming you to Victoria.
              Michael Best and Peter Liddell

             Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 06:02:09 +0100
             From: Charles Ess / IT-U <chess@itu.dk>
             Subject: workshop on Internet research ethics

    Hey Willard:
    Sorry to trouble you again so quickly - but if you wouldn't mind passing
    this on to the HUMANIST list, I'd be grateful!
    Please pass on to interested colleagues and/or appropriate lists:

    I'm pleased to announce a pre-conference workshop on Internet research
    ethics - scheduled for October 15, 2003 - as part of the Association of
    Internet Researchers' 4th annual conference, "Broadening the Band," in
    Toronto, Canada (see <http://www.ecommons.net/aoir/>).
    The workshop features presentations from prominent researchers and ethicists
    who've been at the forefront of developing online research guidelines,
    including AoIR and AoIR ethics committee members Elizabeth Buchanan, Jeremy
    Hunsinger, Michele White, Leslie Tkach Kawasaki, and Klaus Bruhn Jensen.
    The workshop focuses on real-world ethical issues encountered in Internet
    research - and ways of addressing and resolving these. Workshop
    participants are encouraged to contribute their particular issues and
    experience to the multiple opportunities for shared discussion.
    Please see <www.itu.dk/~chess/AoIREthicsConference.html> for more

    Charles Ess
    Visiting Professor
    Department of Digital Aesthetics and Communication
    IT-University of Copenhagen
    67 Glentevej
    DK-2400 Copenhagen NV
         voice: +45 38 16 89 63
             fax: +45 38 16 88 99
    mobile: +45 22 46 06 35

    Distinguished Research Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies
    Drury University
    900 N. Benton Ave. Voice: 417-873-7230
    Springfield, MO 65802 USA FAX: 417-873-7435

    Home page: http://www.drury.edu/ess/ess.html
    Co-chair, CATaC: http://www.it.murdoch.edu.au/catac/

    Exemplary persons seek harmony, not sameness. -- Analects 13.23

             Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 06:02:49 +0100
             From: Arun-Kumar Tripathi
             Subject: Stallabrass on "The Aesthetics of Net Art"

    Dear Humanist scholars and researchers,

    (Forwarded with the courtesy to Consortium for the Arts & Arts Research
    Center and townsend listserv of University of California, Berkeley.)

    Date: Tue, 23 Sep 2003 09:31:36 -0700
    From: Michele Rabkin <micheler@uclink4.berkeley.edu>

    please announce/distribute to students, faculty, staff, and colleagues:

    Tuesday, September 30, 5:15 p.m.

    Julian Stallabrass
    Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London
    The Aesthetics of Net Art
    a lecture and demonstration
    with responses by

    Greg Niemeyer
    Assistant Professor of Art, Technology, and Culture, Department of Art
    Whitney Davis
    Professor of History of Art and Theory and Chair, Department of History
    of Art

    Room 308 J, History of Art/Classics Library, Third Floor, Doe University

    Sponsored by
    The Department of History of Art
    The Consortium for the Arts & Arts Research Center
    The Center for New Media (New Academic Initiatives)
    The Dean of Arts & Humanities, L & S

    A reception will follow

    Dr Stallabrass is the author of Henry Moore (with David Mitchinson)
    (1992), Gargantua: Manufactured Mass Culture (1996), Ground Control:
    Technology and Utopia (1997) (with Susan Buck-Morss), Occupational Hazard:
    Critical Writing on Recent British Art (1999) (co-editor), High Art Lite:
    British Art in the 1990s (1999), Locus Solus: Site, Identity, Technology
    in Contemporary Art (co-author), Internet Art (2001), and Paris Pictured
    (2002). As the quantity and range of his publication suggests, he is one
    of the leading historians, theorists, and critics of contemporary art,
    photography, and mass culture and of "digital" and "internet" art.
    Professors Niemeyer and Davis are Core Faculty members of the Center for
    New Media, UC Berkeley.

    Michele Rabkin
    Associate Director
    Consortium for the Arts & Arts Research Center
    at UC Berkeley
    201 Dwinelle Annex #1054
    Berkeley, CA 94720-1054
    tel (510)642-4268
    fax (510)642-6112


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