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Date: Thu Sep 25 2003 - 01:06:21 EDT

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             Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2003 06:01:23 +0100
             From: orlandi per copto <cmcl@rmcisadu.let.uniroma1.it>
             Subject: Coptic data base (cmcl)


    The Electronic Database of CMCL, containing a great amount
    of information on the Coptic Manuscripts and Literature,
    with full texts, and information on the Coptic civilization
    at large, is now available on line:


    The access is reserved to the subscribers: one year, Euro 180;
    six month, Euro 100 -- by Casalini Libri
    (You have to register, then select the publisher CIM, Corpus
    dei Manoscritti Copti Letterari).

    The Database covers the following subjects, partly in Italian,
    partly in English:

    Clavis Patrum Copticorum: list of the authors and works of the
    Coptic literature with information on manuscripts, content, and
    critical problems.

    Manuscripts: list of the Coptic codices either well preserved
    or reconstructed, especially from the Monastery of St. Shenoute,
    Atripe (White Monastery)

    Texts: electronic edition of Coptic texts with Italian
    translation. A full edition consists of: reproduction of the
    manuscripts, diplomatic edition of the manuscripts, critical
    edition of the text, with translation, index of the words with
    grammatical explanation, linguistic analysis.

    History of literature: chronological description of the
    development of the Coptic literature in 12 parts. Only parts 1,
    4, 7 are currently available.

    Grammar: a computational grammar of Sahidic with a list of words
    according to the grammatical categories.

    Bibliography. Complete bibliography for Coptic studies. Some of
    the subjects are complete from the beginning of the studies:
    Bibbia; Gnosticismo; Apocrypha; Letteratura; Agiografia; Storia;
    Generalia (partially); Manoscritti (partially). The other
    subjects (Linguistica; Archeologia, and parts of Generalia,
    Manoscritti and Storia) start from 1980, and the previous titles
    are being added.

    Tito Orlandi

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