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             Subject: latest additions to Critical Thinking on the Web

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             Date: Tue, 09 Sep 2003 06:23:43 +0100
             From: tgelder@unimelb.edu.au
             Subject: latest additions to Critical Thinking on the Web

    Some list members have pointed out that articles on the New York Times
    website "expire" after some period and thereafter to read them, you need to
    pay a fee. It is the general policy of CTOTW to refer only to *free*
    resources (though some exceptions are made, for various
    reasons). Generally I'll be avoiding listing expiration-prone resources
    like NY Times articles, except where they are particularly good. In some
    cases I'll list them when they appear but remove them later. - TvG.

    8 Sep

    in Cognitive Biases


    Futile Pursuit of Happiness by Jon Gertner
    "If Daniel Gilbert is right, then you are wrong. That is to say, if Daniel
    Gilbert is right, then you are wrong to believe that a new car will make
    you as happy as you imagine. ...That's because when it comes to predicting
    exactly how you will feel in the future, you are most likely wrong."
    Excellent discussion of systematic biases in "affective prediction". [8 Sep 03]

    1 Sep

    in Teaching


    Critical Thinking: Lessons from Cognitive Science by Tim van Gelder (pdf file)
    Overview of what are (in my opinion) the most important lessons from
    cognitive science for people trying to teach critical thinking. [1 Sep 03]

    21 Aug

    in Miscellaneous and Fun

    <http://www.philosophers.co.uk/games/god.htm>Battlefield God
    Fun online game, challenging even for expert critical thinkers. "Can your
    beliefs about religion make it across our intellectual battleground? In
    this activity youll be asked a series of 17 questions about God and
    religion. In each case, apart from Question 1, you need to answer True or
    False. The aim of the activity is not to judge whether these answers are
    correct or not. Our battleground is that of rational consistency. This
    means to get across without taking any hits, youll need to answer in a way
    which is rationally consistent. What this means is you need to avoid
    choosing answers which contradict each other. If you answer in a way which
    is rationally consistent but which has strange or unpalatable implications,
    youll be forced to bite a bullet." [21 Aug 03]

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             Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 07:06:54 +0100
             From: ubiquity <ubiquity@HQ.ACM.ORG>
             Subject: Ubiquity 4.28

    Ubiquity: A Web-based publication of the ACM
    Volume 4, Number 28, Week of September 9 - September 15 2003
    In this issue:


    The More Things Change, the More (and Less) They Stay the Same

    Bhaskar Chakravorti tells how the network hinders, then helps market

    By Bhaskar Chakravorti

    Interview: http://www.acm.org/ubiquity/interviews/v4i28_chakravorti.html


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