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              ********** TEI Members Meeting 2003 **********

    The Text Encoding Initiative Consortium will hold its third annual
    Members' Meeting at ATILF, the nationally-funded laboratory for
    analysis and data processing of the French language, based at the
    University of Nancy, France, on the 7th and the 8th November 2003.

    The first day will, as usual, be an open day with attendance open to
    all interested parties and an eclectic mix of presentations and
    discussions from invited speakers and participants. Invited speakers
    this year include Nancy Ide, Michael Beddow, Patrick Durusau, and
    Vincent Quint. There will be opportunities for attendees to speak
    briefly about their own projects, and a "TEI Question Time" for them
    to ask about and provide feedback on future developments in the
    TEI. The meeting will run all day and will conclude with a Reception
    at 18:30. Full details of the programme are available on the Members
    web site at http://www.tei-c.org/Members/2003-Nancy/ (non-members
    cannot access this site, but becoming a member or a subscriber is
    easy! just go to http://www.tei-c.org/Consortium/ag.html)

    The second day will contain a business session, restricted to members
    and subscribers only, at which the annual elections for membership of
    the TEI Board and Technical Council will be held. Meetings of TEI
    Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are also scheduled for this day: a
    separate announcement about these will follow in due course.

    A TEI training session will be organized the day before the Members
    Meeting, on the 6th: see separate announcement.

    Nancy is a noble and ancient city in the North East of France, with
    excellent transport links (see further
    http://www.ot-nancy.fr/pratique/); ATILF, formerly known as INALF, is
    now based at the University of Nancy and a part of CNRS, the French
    national research network (see further www.atilf.fr).

    Accomodation has been reserved at the Hotel Albert 1er-Astoria
    five minutes walk from the meeting rooms at ATILF. A special rate of
    50 euro/night for B&B is available to those attending the meeting (7th
    and 8th Nov); those wishing to stay additional nights will also pay a
    discounted rate of 65 euro/night. For bookings, please contact the
    Hotel direct, specifying the TEI 2003 Meeting.

    Costs: Attendance at the meeting is free of charge for TEI
    subscribers. Every TEI member institution is entitled to send up to
    two representatives free of charge. An entrance fee of 75 euros will
    be charged for all others. All attendees other than invited speakers
    will be required to fund their own travel, accomodation, and meals.

    Pre-registration for the meeting is essential, for members,
    subscribers, and non-members alike. Please pre-register by sending
    email to membership@tei-c.org

    URL Reminders:

    * To join the TEI as a member or a subscriber
        visit http://www.tei-c.org/Consortium/ag.html

    * For details of this years programme visit

    See you in Nancy!


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