17.110 research on blogging?

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Date: Sat Jun 21 2003 - 03:48:20 EDT

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             Date: Sat, 21 Jun 2003 08:43:51 +0100
             From: Alexandre Enkerli <enkerli@unb.ca>
             Subject: Research on Blogging?

    [Yes, the informality is intended. Let's hope it doesn't rub against the

    Anyone here doing research on blogging and related phenomena (Wiki, RSS,
    Slashdot...)? Just curious.

    The reason for this query is that there are interesting trends developing
    in "impulse writing" that some list members might be working on. Worth a

    IMHO (quick list), possible topics could include:
    Tendencies in informality? (Dude! Acronyms are k00l...)
    Poetic dimensions? (Sometimes involuntary emphasis on form)
    Comparison to other online genres, formats, and methods? (Mailing-list
    posts, Web forums, BBSes, Usenet, chat, op-ed pieces, topical Web pages...)
    Journalism used as reference genre?
    Usual length of posts. Cognitive reasons?
    Benefits of quick and dirty "stream of thought" posts?
    Multiple edits on same post as linear projection of writing process?
    Legitimacy/popularity/authority/authorness of poster?
    Publicized notes to self?
    Blurring of private/public, individual/group boundaries?
    Importance of time?
    Archiving ephemeral content?
    Mundane content? (I ate these avocados and they're really good)
    Networked ideas?
    Cross-media? (I'm listening to Barenaked Ladies)
    Common themes? ("Current Events," Microsoft is the Evil Empire, Open
    Source works)
    Blogger culture?
    Social capitalization?
    Repurposing content?
    Use/avoidance of first person pronouns?
    As diaries?
    As requests for help?
    As auto-analysis?
    Fast typing ("Wrods and there orthegraphy")
    Merging of genres?
    Self-/communal censorship?

    Well, sorry if these are too disparate. Been thinking about 'stuff...
    Should really put it in Da Blog...

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