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    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
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    >From: "James Boyle" <BOYLE@law.duke.edu>

        Law and Contemporary Problems, Volume 66 (Winter/Spring 2003), Numbers
    1 & 2
                                      The Public Domain

    The Winter/Spring Issue of Duke University's Law and Contemporary Problems
    Journal is devoted to papers delivered during the November 2001 conference
    on The Public Domain, organized by James Boyle at the Duke University Law

    Volume 66 Winter/Spring 2003 Numbers 1 & 2

    The Public Domain
    James Boyle
    Special Editor

    * James Boyle, "Foreword: The Opposite of Property?"

    * James Boyle, "The Second Enclosure Movement and the Construction of the
    Public Domain"

    * Mark Rose, "Nine-Tenths of the Law: The English Copyright Debates and the
    Rhetoric of the Public Domain"

    * Carol M. Rose "Romans, Roads, and Romantic Creators: Traditions of Public
    Property in the Information Age"

    * Charlotte Hess and Elinor Ostrom, "Ideas, Artifacts, and Facilities:
    Information as a Common-Pool Resource"

    * Pamela Samuelson, "Mapping the Digital Public Domain: Threats and

    * Yochai Benkler, "Through the Looking Glass: Alice and the Constitutional
    Foundations of the Public Domain"

    * William K. Van Alstyne, "Reconciling What the First Amendment Forbids
    with what the Copyright Clause Permits: A Summary Explanation and

    * Negativland, "Two Relationships to a Cultural Public Domain"

    * David Nimmer, "'Fairest of them All' and Other Fairy Tales of Fair

    * Arti K. Rai and Rebecca S. Eisenberg "Bayh-Dole Reform and the Progress
    of Biomedicine"

    * J. H. Reichman and Paul F. Uhlir, "A Contractually Reconstructed Research
    Commons for Scientific Data in a Highly Protectionist Intellectual Property

    * David Lange, "Reimagining the Public Domain"

    James Boyle
    William Neal Reynolds Professor of Law
    Duke University Law School
    Science Drive & Towerview
    Box 90360
    Durham, NC 27708-0360
    919 613-7287 ph.
    Home Page & Essays http://james-boyle.com


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