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             Subject: OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources: Resource Centers;
    Co-op; Digital Archive

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    January 23, 2002

                        New Set of Integrated Services from OCLC:
                         OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources

    Three new services from OCLC's Digital & Preservation Resources.

    (Material taken from web site).

    David Green

    Digital & Preservation Resources Centers

    "The Digital & Preservation Resources Centers digitize newspapers, books,
    manuscripts, photographic formats and more and provide high quality
    preservation microfilming and storage. The Centers enrich your digital
    collections by adding metadata and full-text search capabilities so
    collections are fully retrievable, not just identifiable. Centers provide a
    menu of services so you can select the appropriate type and level of
    service for each specific project. Services range from basic reformatting
    to metadata creation, text conversion and mark-up and delivery of web-ready
    packages of digital collections."
    Digital Archive

    "The Digital Archive offers a safe, reliable, standards-based, long-term
    solution for the life cycle management of digital collections. A format
    protection service ensures continued access to collections as technology
    evolves. You can work with the OCLC Digital & Preservation Resources
    Centers to prepare your content for digital storage or use OCLC tools to
    create metadata within your current workflow."

    Digital & Preservation Co-op
    "OCLC is expanding on its history of providing collaborative services to
    libraries by establishing the OCLC Digital & Preservation Co-op. Co-op
    participants will work together to develop educational resources on
    standards and best practices for digitization and preservation and to
    provide access to a growing body of networked digital collections
    worldwide. It provides a clearinghouse for information on grant and other
    funding resources and on digitization collaborative projects. Co-op
    participants come together to share knowledge and to increase the value of
    digital collections by combining them with other collections. The Co-op
    provides the latest in best practices, standards and technology white
    papers to help you learn more about digitization and preservation trends.


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