15.410 TEI survey

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Date: Mon Dec 10 2001 - 02:39:21 EST

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             Date: Mon, 10 Dec 2001 07:36:39 +0000
             From: John Unsworth <jmu2m@virginia.edu>
             Subject: Fwd: TEI survey, last call

    >Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 13:22:46 -0500
    >Reply-To: Julia Flanders <Julia_Flanders@brown.edu>
    >From: Julia Flanders <Julia_Flanders@brown.edu>
    >The TEI survey is in its final stages of data collection and will
    >shortly be concluded. If you have not yet participated, you can still
    >do so at:
    >The aim of the TEI survey is to gather information about the needs of
    >the TEI community and the ways in which the TEI Guidelines are
    >currently being used. This information will be used to improve the
    >TEI's responsiveness to users' needs, and to inform future planning
    >and developments to the Guidelines.
    >Stand up and be counted--the survey will be concluded on December 31, 2001.
    >Thank you very much for your help--
    >Julia Flanders

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