15.409 course on Arts and Technology for Arts Managers

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             Subject: Short Course: Critical Issues in Arts and Technology for
    Arts Managers

    News on Networking Cultural Heritage Resources
    from across the Community
    December 9, 2002

                               Columbia University Announces:
                Critical Issues in Arts and Technology for Arts Managers
               June 6-7 and 13-15, 2002: Teachers College, Columbia University

      From the web site:

    This newest course offering of the Program in Arts Administration, Critical
    Issues in Arts and Technology for Arts Managers will examine critical
    issues in the continuing use of technology in the arts for arts managers.
    It will combine relevant intellectual exploration of educational and
    artistic issues with a focus on practical concerns such as content,
    protection, function and delivery of technological methods and innovations
    in the arts with particular emphasis on their effect and demands on arts
    managers. The purpose of the course is to expand creative thinking for
    actual and aspiring practitioners in the arts. It will examine some of the
    conceptual thinking in the area, practical tools, form vs. function,
    communication and educational challenges, dilemmas and potential.
    Technology will include the Internet, audio delivery, interactive
    technology, email, and television.

    Scholars and artists in music, art, dance, literature and theatre will
    present current thinking about the transmission of existing art work,
    translation of an art work into an electronic form, creation of work
    as/with/for technology, display of such work, interaction, effect on
    audiences, on learners and on communities. Professional arts organizations
    and artists will demonstrate cutting edge work in music, art, dance,
    theatre and literature using technology which serves a variety of
    functions-education, outreach, creating new audiences, creating new art,
    gentrifying neighborhoods, plugging artists more directly into the labor force.

    These will be followed by participatory work in which the audience is given
    a series of thematic questions and issues, adds more issues of its own, and
    breaks into facilitated small group discussion. These discussions, and the
    rest of the course, will be documented and will promote the model of
    participatory online learning for which this is a prototype in arts


    Maxwell Anderson Director of the Whitney Museum of American Art
    Benjamin Barber Professor of Civil Society at the University of Maryland
    Steven Dietz Curator of New Media at the Walker Art Center
    Cheryl Faver (Co- Director) Founder, The Gertrude Stein Repertory Theatre
    Thomas J. Gulick Executive Director of Development and Marketing for the
    San Francisco Opera.
    Karin Olander Heck heads Coach's e-commerce channel, Coach.com.
    I. Fred Koenigsberg partner in the law firm of White & Case, LLP.
    Barbara London Curator Museum of Modern Art
    Zoe Melendez is Project Development Manager for Vulcan, Inc
    Theresa Perrone is a Senior Project Manager with Craver, Mathews, Smith &
    Co. Interactive,
    David R. White Executive Director and Producer Dance Theater Workshop
    Pinchas ZukermanViolinist; Artistic Director, Pinchas Zukerman Performance
    Program Studies: The Juilliard School.

    For non-credit:
    Before May, 1.
    Module I - $450
    Module II - $650
    Modules I and II - $1000
    After May, 1.
    Module I - $500
    Module II - $700
    Modules I and II - $1075

    For credit:
    All modules available for 3 credits at $785 per credit

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