5.0777 CFP: Multi-lingual Computing (1/133)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
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Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0777. Thursday, 19 Mar 1992.

Date: Thu, 19 Mar 92 16:35:21 GMT
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Subject: Re: [5.0775 Editorial: On Information Availability (1/52)]

The Documentation Unit at
The Centre for Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
University of Durham


3rd International Conference and
Exhibition on Multi-lingual Computing
(Arabic and Roman Script)
10-12 December 1992

I. Call for papers:

Papers for the themes listed below are invited. The deadline for ABSTRACTS is
15 May 1992 and CAMERA-READY COPY for papers to be presented at the conference
must be submitted by 11 September 1992. There will be a limit of 10 PAGES PER
PAPER. Conference proceedings will be available at registration.
The main language of the conference will be English, but papers in Arabic
will be considered. It may be possible for
these to be used together with English
abstracts or full translations.

The conference will take place on the 10th and 12th of December 1992,
leaving the 11th reserved for the exhibition. This arrangement will enable
the exhibitors to attend the conference sessions and give enough time for
the participants to have access to the latest hardware and software in
the exhibition.


(1) Editing Arabic manuscripts using computers.
(2) Multi-lingual data bases: compiling classical Arabic sources, contemporary
data banks, medical data bases.
(3) Multi-lingual maps.
(4) Computer based lexicography and machine translation.
(5) Teaching of Arabic and other Middle Eastern languages by computer.
(6) Notation of Oriental music on computers.
(7) Archaeology and Computing.
(8) Multi-lingual computers for the handicapped.
(9) The hardware and the software industry in the Arab World.
(10) Other Semitic languages and computing.


It is intended that the exhibition will be held for one day, the 11th of
December, 1992. The conference sessions will stop and the participants will
be free to have access to machines and software on display. Exhibitors on the
other hand are free to decide how long they would like to stay: it will be
possible to exhibit for three days if they wish, or for one day only
without extra charge. They would be able to attend the conference or
have constructive meetings with the participants. This change has
been made following the suggestion of some exhibitors who attended
the 2nd conference in 1990.


This seven-day course is designed for journalists writing about computing in
the business world and computing for individual users. It covers the issues
of computing in general and bilingual computing in particular. It is mainly
tailored to meet the demand which has arisen in the Arab media for more
writers who are capable of writing about computing in the increasing number
of Arab computer journals, magazines or the relevant sections in each
independent paper. The participants will attend lectures and discussion
groups in which they will listen to professional journalists and academics
who are specialists in the field.

Overnight Accommodation in Durham: Accommodation is available at modest rates
at Trevelyan College and payments should be made not later than 19 November
1992. Late bookings cannot be accepted. If hotel accommodation is required,
a list of hotels in or near Durham can be supplied. It is not possible for our
staff to make bookings in hotels on behalf of participants. You are advised
to book well in advance as Durham hotels are in great demand. Accommodation
charges will be in addition to the conference registration fee.

Conference Registration Fees (in Pounds Sterling):

Paid before 16 June 1992 #60
Paid after 16 June 1992 #75

Students Rates:
Paid before 16 June 1992 #25
Paid after 16 June 1992 #40

Exhibitors' Fees:
Paid before 16 June 1992 #200 (per 5 square metres)
Paid after 16 June 1992 #300

Journalists' Intensive Course Fees:
Paid before 16 June 1992 #200
Paid after 16 June 1992 #300

Please request refunds in writing no later than 13 Nov. 1992. A #20 (Pounds
Sterling) cancellation fee will apply. After this date, refunds will not be

(Cheques payable to UNIVERSITY OF DURHAM in pounds sterling drawn on a
British Bank or Eurocheques in pounds sterling).

To: Ahmad Ubaydli, Documentation and Computing Officer

I wish to contribute a paper: Yes No
on theme no. (see list of themes):

Deadline for ABSTRACTS: 15 May 1992
Deadline for submission of CAMERA-READY COPY: 11 September 1992

I wish to participate in the Exhibition.

Send me further information about the Journalists' Intensive Training Course

Name and address to appear in the list of participants:

Title and other names:




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