5.0487 Qs: Charles I; British->French Emigration (2/46)

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Fri, 29 Nov 1991 16:53:46 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0487. Friday, 29 Nov 1991.

(1) Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1991 07:34:22 EST (25 lines)
From: hans@kean.ucs.mun.ca
Subject: Library Lookup, Please !!!

(2) Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1991 14:54:56 UTC+2 (21 lines)
From: tony@FRPERP51.BITNET
Subject: bibliography

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Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1991 07:34:22 EST
From: hans@kean.ucs.mun.ca
Subject: Library Lookup, Please !!!

SUBJECT: Quote lookup
DATE: 28 Nov. 1991

I'm trying to finish an article but need one passage looked up. I
wonder if someone could help me. Inter Library Loan will take weeks.
The passage concerns Rev. RICHARD JAMES, the Cottonian Librarian, who
was in 1622 in Newfoundland. He is quoted in

THE COURT AND TIMES OF CHARLES THE FIRST, ed. by Thomas Birch, 2 vols.
(London: H. Colbourn, 1848), Vol. 2, page 53.

Could someone please send me this quote by James about Newfoundland, also
any reference regarding James's stay in Newfoundland.

>From NUC, pre 56, vol. 58, p. 300, col. 3, I see that there are numerous
locations in North America.

I'll be happy to reciprocate with any Newfoundlandia question you may have.

Thank you very much. HANS ROLLMANN

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Studies; Memorial University of Newfoundland; St. John's, NF,
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E-MAIL: hrollman@morgan.ucs.mun.ca; also: hans@kean.ucs.mun.ca;

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Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1991 14:54:56 UTC+2
From: tony@FRPERP51.BITNET
Subject: bibliography

I have a colleague who is currently registering for a French doctorate. Her
brief is to research the reasons why people have been emigrating from Britain to
France since 1945. The current enthusiasm for Provence can probably be
attributed to a sort of Peter Mayle effect and relatively low property prices.
But even our part of the world, the Roussillon, has attracted considerable
numbers of Britons, myself and herself included. Her task is to find out why.
There are all sorts of sources of information in France, but these obviously
neglect the reasons for the departure from Britain. Does any humanist, either
in Britain or elsewhere, know of any relevant bibliographical sources, or of a
list that might be more appropriate? The colleague in question is not on the
net, so any information should be sent to my address.
Thanks in advance,
Tony Jappy