5.0443 Conference: Applied Natural Language Processing (1/114)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Mon, 11 Nov 1991 18:52:17 EST

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0443. Monday, 11 Nov 1991.

Date: Wed, 6 Nov 91 11:51:18 -0500
From: walker@flash.bellcore.com (Don Walker)
Subject: 3rd Conference on Applied Natural Language Processing



Trento, Italy, 1-3 April 1992

sponsored by the
Association for Computational Linguistics

The conference is also supported by the European
Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence
(ECCAI), the Italian Association for Artificial
Intelligence (AI*IA), and Istituto Trentino di
Cultura, Trento.

PURPOSE: The focus of this conference is on the application of
natural language processing techniques to real world problems. It
will include invited and contributed papers, tutorials, an industrial
exhibition, and demonstrations. A special video session is also
being organised. The organizers want the conference to be as
international as possible, and to feature the best applied natural
language work presently available in the world. This conference
follows on from ones held in Santa Monica, California in 1983 and
in Austin, Texas in 1988.

SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM: The program will be sent out early in December
(and will include the application form and the hotel reservation
form). There were about one hundred papers submitted from four
continents. The scientific program will include original papers
solicited in all areas of applied natural language processing,
including: dialog systems; integrated speech and natural language
systems; machine translation; explanation and generation; database
interface systems; tool development; text and message processing;
grammar and style checking; corpus development; knowledge acquisition;
lexicons; language teaching aids; evaluation; adaptive systems;
multilanguage systems; multimedia systems; help systems; and other
applications. Papers will also discuss applications, evaluations,
limitations, and general tools and techniques. The program committee
is co-chaired by Oliviero Stock (IRST) and Madeleine Bates (BBN
Systems & Technologies) and also includes:

Robert Amsler (MITRE) Kathy McKeown (Columbia U)
Giacomo Ferrari (U Pisa) Sergei Nirenburg (Carnegie Mellon U)
Eduard Hovy (USC/ISI) Makoto Nagao (Kyoto U)
Paul Jacobs (General Electric) Remko Scha (U Amsterdam)
Martin Kay (Xerox PARC) Karen Sparck Jones (U Cambridge)
Mark Liberman (U Pennsylvania) Henry Thompson (U Edinburgh)
Paul Martin (IBM) Wolfgang Wahlster (DFKI)

INDUSTRIAL EXHIBITION: The industrial exhibition will feature
products in the usual one-booth-per-company format. For further
information contact:

Gianpietro Carlevaro phone: +39-461-814444
I.R.S.T. fax: +39-461-810851
I-38050 Povo (Trento) ITALY email: carleva@irst.it

To ensure that your requirements are met, you are advised to apply
early. Prices for stands are as follows:

Stand type 1: 9 sqm - Lit. 1800000 + VAT 19% (approx. US$1400)
Stand type 2: 14 sqm - Lit. 2400000 + VAT 19% (approx. US$1900)

DEMONSTRATIONS: One area of the exhibition will be equipped with
SUNs, MACs, and possibly other hardware, and will be available for
informal demonstrations of various applied NL systems. A prize
will be given for the best non-commercial demonstration. Anyone
wishing to present a demo should send a one-page description of
the demo and a specification of the system requirements by 1 December
1991 to:

Carlo Strapparava phone: +39-461-814444
I.R.S.T. fax: +39-461-810851 38050
I-38050 Povo (Trento) ITALY email: strappa@irst.it

TUTORIALS: The meeting will be preceded by one day of tutorials on
31 March 1992 by noted contributors to the field. The program is
being currently defined and will be mailed with the general conference
program. Responsible for tutorials:

Jon Slack phone: +39-461-814444
I.R.S.T. fax: +39-461-810851 38050
I-38050 Povo (Trento) ITALY email: slack@irst.it

FEES: The early registration fee (before February 29, 1992) for
the conference is Lit. 400.000 (approx. US$300). Early student
registration is Lit. 130.000 (approx. US$100). After 29 February
1992 the regular registration fee will be Lit. 500.000 (approx.
US$400), and student registration will be Lit. 200.000 (approx.
US$150). The application form and the hotel reservation form will
be sent out with the program early in December.

WORKSHOPS: The conference will also be preceded by two conference
special workshops, to be held on March 30th. The call for papers
for the two workshops follows. Workshops will admit only a limited
number of participants (about 30 people each) and will cost an
additional fee of Lit. 50.000 (approx. US$40). Please note that
workshop participation is restricted to those registered to the
conference. Requests for information and applications for the
workshops should be directed to the workshop organizers.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Local arrangements are being handled by:

Tullio Grazioli and Oliviero Stock phone: +39-461-814444
I.R.S.T. fax: +39-461-810851
I-38050 Povo (Trento) ITALY email: interne@irst.it

For information on the ACL, contact:

Donald E. Walker (ACL) phone: +1-201-8294312
Bellcore MRE 2A379 fax: +1-201-8295981
445 South Street Box 1910 email: walker@flash.bellcore.com
Morristown, NJ 07960 USA