5.0396 Jobs: Center for Electronic Records (1/62)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Thu, 17 Oct 1991 21:24:34 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0396. Thursday, 17 Oct 1991.

Date: Tue, 15 Oct 91 16:06:30 EDT
Subject: Position in Archives/Electronic Records

The Center for Electronic Records at the National Archives is
recruiting an archives specialist to work with electronic records
containing data and text information on military matters or
international relations. Because the recruitment is for an
archives specialist, the position does not require the academic
course work in American history which is needed for an archivist

The recruitment is at a GS-9 (salary: $25,717), GS-11 (salary:
$31,116), or GS-12 (salary: $37,294) grade level. Our personnel
office will evaluate each application to determine the highest
grade level for which each applicant qualifies. (Regardless of
entry level, the position has promotion potential without further
competition to the GS-12 level.) Hence the recruitment allows a
great latitude for different ranges of experience. However, all
qualified candidates must have a knowledge of archival principles
and techniques as they relate to electronic records. Archival
principles and techniques include: (1) appraisal (determining
whether records have long term value), (2) accessioning (the
process of acquiring physical custody of the records), (3)
description (cataloguing the acquisitions), (4) reference
(providing access to electronic information), and (5) preservation
(migrating information from older systems to technologically
current media).

We have maintained a list of people who have previously inquired
about other announcements or our postings of our intent to
announcement this position. Yesterday, we mailed copies of the
announcement to all of those who had previously indicated an

To apply for a position, an applicant should submit the following
(1) SF-171, Application for Federal Employment.
(2) College transcripts -- Xerox copies or unofficial copies
are okay.
(3) Supplemental statement showing how the experience related
to the five rating factors which are:
(a) knowledge of archival principles and techniques as
they relate to electronic records ¤see above for the five
archival principles and techniques‡; (b) knowledge of
technical properties of electronic records; (c) ability
to write program for mainframe computers; (d) knowledge
of research methodologies using electronic records; and
(e) ability to communicate orally and in writing.
The closing date is November 1. Hence the above should be
postmarked by that date.

To obtain a copy of the announcement, please contact
Tom Brown
(202) 501-5565
Lee Gladwin
(202) 501-5579
Ted Hull

If you want to discuss the position or application procedures, you
should contact Tom Brown at the above telephone number or e-mail