5.0272 Computers and Language Conference (1/180)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Thu, 8 Aug 1991 17:43:29 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0272. Thursday, 8 Aug 1991.

Date: Thu, 8 Aug 91 17:11 BST
Subject: Draft program for Sheffield Conference: Computers and Language 2, 1992


Conference to be held at Sheffield City Polytechnic
25th-27th September 1991


Wednesday September 25th

2.00-3.30 Opening Session
Implications of the new technologies
Peter Seaborne, Staff Inspector, Learning
Resources, DES.

Title to be provided
Diana Laurillard, Open University.

3.30-4.00 tea

4.00-5.30 Parallel paper session 1
Higher Education The business dimension.

The Business of Language, Dr Catherine Greensmith
and Mr Rupert Cutler, The LIFTCALL project,
University of Hull.

Deciding about Information Technology: The Case of
UK University Modern Language Departments, Diane E
Whitehouse, London Business School.

Parlez-Vous Banque 2: An Approach to LSP Course
Design and CALL, Francoise Blin, Dublin City

Schools (session title to be provided)
Using Hypercard for Language Work: Textual Change
Based on Chaucer Project, Moira and Richard
Monteith, Sheffield City Polytechnic.

Language Work in Scotland, Rosetta McLeod

6.30 dinner


Thursday September 26th

9.00-10.30 Parallel Paper session 2
Higher Education CALL

CALL for Beginners, CTI Centre for Modern
Languages, University of Hull.

Schools (session title to be provided)
What the Papers Say! An Action Research
Project Involving Five London Schools,
Christina Preston, ILECC Education Computing

10.30-11.00 coffee

11.00-12.30 Parallel Paper Session 3
Higher Education Text Analysis Tools

Using Hypertext as an Interface to the Oxford
Advanced Learners' Dictionary, Eve Wilson,
University of Kent.

Teaching First Year Students Micro-OCP On a
Network, Hugh Robertson, Huddersfield

Title to be provided
Frank Knowles, University of Aston.

Schools (session title to be provided)
European Language Newsdays, Brian Robinson,
Cleveland Educational Computing Centre for IT
and Business Education.

Writing Competence across the School
Curriculum, Erica McAteer

PROTEUS, Teaching Pronominalization
Strategies to 7-Year Old Children,
Stephanie Cookson, London School of Economics
and Political Science.

12.30-2.00 lunch

2.00-3.30 Plenary session
Educational Issues: The Work Of The National
Council for Educational Technology and the
Computers in Teaching Initiative Centres.
Representatives from CTI Centres and NCET.

3.30-4.00 tea

4.00-5.30 Parallel Paper session 4
Higher Education Hypertext As A Tool For
Language Learning

France Interactive: A Hypermedia Approach to
Language Learning, Bruce Ingraham, Teeside

Repurposing Videodisks, Douglas Jamieson,
Hull University.

Improving HE Writing Skills Through
Hypertext, Noel Williams, CIRG, SCP.

Schools (session title to be provided)
Friends Around the World Project,
Developments With E-Mail, Alison Tyldesley
and Joan Craven

Beyond Wordprocessing, Trevor Millum

6.30 dinner

7.30-8.30 Keynote speaker

Multimedia and Education, Professor Stephen

Friday September 27th

9.00-10.30 Parallel Paper Session 5
Higher Education Classical and Medieval

Learning Latin, John Randall, University of

Title to be provided
Dr Judith Jesch and Dr Janette Dillon, Wulf
Project, University of Nottingham.

Teaching the Language of the Text: A Medieval
French Software Package for Beginners, Brian
Levy and Alan Hindley, University of Hull.

Schools (session title to be provided)
Project Eautun, The Potential Role of The
Computer in the Special Needs/ML Area, James
Milton and Jayne Jakeman, Hereford and
Worcester LEA.

10.30-11.00 coffee

11.00-12.30 Plenary panel session
Towards 1992: What Has Technology to Offer
Language Teaching and Learning?

Graham Chesters
Diana Laurillard
Frank Knowles
Rosetta McLeod

12.30-2.00 lunch

2-00-4.00 Software Demonstrations by CTI Centres and
Other Exhibitors

(tea will be available during this period)

The cost for the full conference (including accommodation and
meals) is 120 pounds. Other rates are available.
For further information and a registration form please contact:
Moira Monteith
Sheffield City Polytechnic
36 Collegiate Crescent
Sheffield S10 2BP
Telephone: 0742 532319