5.0157 Announcing: ACH Newsletter; Contest; Book Sale (3/143)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Wed, 19 Jun 91 16:35:06 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0157. Wednesday, 19 Jun 1991.

(1) Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 14:09 PDT (19 lines)
From: "Vicky A. Walsh" <IMD7VAW@UCLAMVS.BITNET>
Subject: ACH newsletter

(2) Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 19:42:32 EDT (69 lines)
From: Elliott Parker <3ZLUFUR@CMUVM>
Subject: Online writing contest

(3) Date: Wednesday, 19 June 1991 0908-EST (55 lines)
Subject: Book Sale, UPenn Press

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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 14:09 PDT
From: "Vicky A. Walsh" <IMD7VAW@UCLAMVS.BITNET>
Subject: ACH newsletter

The time has come again to ask for input for the ACH Newsletter. I will
be preparing it during July (as soon as I return from vacation, so hang
on if you don't hear back from me right away). Any contribution will be
welcomed. Please let me know if you are considering sending something.
I would be particularly interested in notes on work in progress.

As an aside, I would be interested in hearing if those who currently
receive the ACH newsletter in print, would be interested in getting in
via e-mail? and if so, instead of the paper copy or in addition to?
Please let me know also, if any of you WOULD subscribe if it was avail-
able via e-mail.

Vicky Walsh
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Date: Tue, 18 Jun 91 19:42:32 EDT
From: Elliott Parker <3ZLUFUR@CMUVM>
Subject: Online writing contest

This is reposted from The WELL BBS:

NEWS RELEASE For Information Contact: John Coate WELL
Publicity Director


Sausalito (JUNE 10) -- The WELL invites all participants of all
online systems to submit entries to the first annual Online
Writing Awards. The award was created to honor and encourage the
emerging genre of electronic written communication.

There are three categories, each with a $200 cash prize to the
winner. The categories are: Review and Commentary, Narrative,
and Freeform. Any piece of writing with a length of fifty lines
or less that was first posted on an online system is eligible to
enter. This could be anything from a tiny BBS to CompuServe or
GEnie. Entries may be sent by email to tex@well.sf.ca.us or
printed out and mailed to: Online Writing Award, 27 Gate Five
Road, Sausalito CA 94965. Printed entries need to show the
headings of the system from which it was taken. Entires must
have the address and phone number of the author. Prizes are
awarded to the author of the entry. Entries are due September
30. Winners will be announced December 1.

Electronic written conversation or "computer conferencing" is
spreading as an important method for both professional and
personal communication. Online conferencing systems are like
electronic meeting places where people share information, discuss
issues, tell stories, and just chat back and forth. Scattered
among the daily megabytes of words posted on the various nets and
systems are gems of clarity or emotion that drive home the power
of this new kind of writing. It's a casual medium that works
best with economy of word. To encourage things in the direction
of eloquent brevity, the contest limits each entry to fifty
lines, which is about two screens worth of text on a computer

The contest will be judged by a distinguished panel of writers
familiar with both the electronic and the printed medium. Judges
include columnist Jon Carroll, authors Ramon Sender and Howard
Rheingold, poets Jane Hirshfield and Sarah Randolph, writer Sonia
Simone and Gerard Van der Leun.

...text deleted. eds.

Journalism Dept. Internet: eparker@well.sf.ca.us
Central Michigan University Compuserve: 70701,520
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859 USA


[A complete version of this announcement is now available through the
fileserver, s.v. WELL91 CONTEST. You may obtain a copy by issuing
the command -- GET filename filetype HUMANIST -- either interactively or
as a batch-job, addressed to ListServ@Brownvm. Thus on a VM/CMS system,
you say interactively: TELL LISTSERV AT BROWNVM GET filename filetype
HUMANIST; if you are not on a VM/CMS system, send mail to
ListServ@Brownvm with the GET command as the first and only line. For
more details see the "Guide to Humanist". Problems should be reported
to David Sitman, A79@TAUNIVM, after you have consulted the Guide and
tried all appropriate alternatives.]
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Date: Wednesday, 19 June 1991 0908-EST
Subject: Book Sale, UPenn Press

I apologize for the lateness of this posting, since the sale ends on 28
June 1991. It covers about 400 books in a wide variety of fields, often
at spectacular prices (this from a real cheap-skate!). And an
additional 20% off on orders of $45 or more. Telephone 1-800-445-9880.
Examples of items that interest me, or that I think might interest

#1-2 Old Jewish Folk Music: The Collections and Writings of
Moshe Beregoviski, by Mark Slobin. 1982. 640pp, illus.
Cloth was $62.95 now $6.30 (item #1);
Paper was $27.95 now $2.80 (item #2) [told you I was cheap].

#15-16 Irish Folk History: Texts from the North, by
Henry Glassie. 1982. Cloth ($28.95) now $5.79 (#15);
Paper (15.95) now 4.79 (#16).
--and three other Glassie books, with less reduction in prices.

#41 Greek Folk Religion, by Martin P. Nilsson. 1972.
Paper (14.95) now 11.96.

#54 Dialect Geography of Syria-Palestine, 1000-586 BC[E], by
Randall W. Garr. 1985. Cloth (54.95) now 14.84.

#128 A Feast of Creatures: Anglo-Saxon Riddle-Songs, by
Craig Williamson. 1982. Paper (17.95) now 3.95.

#136 Tours of Hell: An Apocalyptic Form in Jewish and
Christian Literature, by Martha Himmelfarb. 1983.
Cloth (34.94) now 17.48.

#194 Let this Life Speak: The Legacy of Henry Joel Cadbury,
by Margaret Hope Bacon. 1987. Cloth (37.95) now 4.93.

##211-219 [William Penn Papers, etc. in Cloth at about 25%-40%
of the original prices]

#273 The World of Piers Plowman, ed J.Krochalis and Edward Peters.
1975. Paper (15.95) now 6.86. [and lots of other of the Middle
Ages series at various prices -- e.g. Peters on The Magician,
the Witch, and the Law. 1982. Paper (13.95) now 8.37]

#410 Empirical Models for Biblical Criticism, ed by Jeffrey Tigay.
1985. Paper (20.95) now 4.82.

And lots and lots more, of good quality scholarship. I didn't
even try to list the Literature and LitCrit stuff, for example.
Call quickly for a catalogue and there may still be time. I'm
ordering a few items for overseas friends who can't do the
1-800 thing, etc. Soon.

Frugally yours, Bob Kraft, UPenn