5.0011 EDUCOM Ethics & Policy Project (1/74)

Elaine Brennan & Allen Renear (EDITORS@BROWNVM.BITNET)
Wed, 8 May 91 21:56:25 EDT

Humanist Discussion Group, Vol. 5, No. 0011. Wednesday, 8 May 1991.

Date: Wed, 8 May 1991 10:07:46 EDT
From: Sally Webster <ACDSPW@SUVM>
Subject: [Computer Ethics Problems?]

To those of you who get more than one copy of this, excuse the mutiple
postings. I want wide dissemination.

If you know of other lists to which this request should be sent, please
send mail directly to ACDSPW@SUVM. Thank you.


The Educational Uses of Information Technology (EUIT) group of EDUCOM
has begun a new project, called colloquially "Ethics War Stories."

The product of this project will be a collection of case studies of
how colleges and universities handle breaches of their computer
policies, state & federal laws, network guidelines, and the computer
portions of their student and faculty handbooks.

We would like contributions from academic computing staff members,
faculty, deans, and other administrators
who have been responsible for formulating, interpreting, and
enforcing computing policies, state & federal laws, network guidelines,
and student codes of conduct.

The contributions should be in the form of a case study:

* introduce the institution and the faculty or staff who were

* explain the offense or breach and state which policies or laws were

* explain how the situation was handled (including final
outcomes for the student, staff, or faculty member), and

* point to any change in policy, educational effort, or enforcement
strategies if any occurred.

* give us the benefit of your experience, and advise your colleagues
who haven't had a baptism of fire

Please include the name, telephone number, and network address of a
contact person (possibly you?), so that details can be checked and
final permission sought before anything is published or otherwise

If you know of such instances which could be made into case studies,
but you were not directly involved, please send the names of people
we can talk to, and we'll take it from there.

We anticipate that while scenarios might not differ much across
institutions, outcomes at public institutions will likely differ from
those at private institutions. Beyond that, at this stage, we cannot
predict what other categories might emerge.

We expect to use this collection in one or more of these ways:

* as general background to inform government bodies of the types of
situations which we deal with
* as a "workbook" from which people can take specific ideas for handling
certain kinds of situations
* as a body of knowledge from which to draw conclusions which might
help institutions formulate or reformulate policy and structure
educational and enforcement strategies

We expect that some people will be willing to share their war stories
on condition that we not identify either them or their institution,
and we will be happy to do that.

Send your stories (or the names of people we can contact) to

Project Leader:
Sally Webster, Asst. Professor of Computer Applications, SUNY/CESF
Syracuse, NY, acdspw@suvm, 13 Moon Library, SUNY/CESF, Syracuse, N.Y.