[tei-council] Release of TEI P5 2.0.1

Laurent Romary laurent.romary at inria.fr
Thu Dec 22 00:23:42 EST 2011

Thanks James. As Sebastian said, and as far as it is possible, we need to make this process a little bit easier and transparent, so that the technical knowledge required to operate this is slightly lower.
Happy Christmas to all!

Le 22 déc. 2011 à 04:24, James Cummings a écrit :

> Based on discussions with the ad-hoc group looking at the release 
> process and secure details I undertook a release of the promised bugfix 
> TEI P5 2.0.1 as a way to work through the release notes in TCW20 and 
> note down any differences.  I'll be updating TCW20 over the holidays to 
> better reflect the recommended process. TEI P5 2.0.1 is now live and 
> I've published an announcement on the newsfeed and will shortly be 
> sending an announcement to TEI-L.
> -James
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