[tei-council] 2.0.0

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Sat Dec 17 07:28:32 EST 2011

I assume that "got out a limb" does not imply the use of some sort of 
prosthesis but rather than you feel you have "gone out on a limb" in 
acting so precipitately.

It's fine by me: as noted yesterday, we really don't want to risk the 
possibility of lots of schemas floating about in the wild with the wrong 
licence on them (though that would be no different from the state 
hitherto, of course, except that they were differently wrong before)

HOWEVER, I wonder if something could not be done to correct another 
rendering error which seems to have somehow crept in since the last release?

The problem is that every time a <desc> is copied from an <elementSpec> 
into the output as a consequence of a <specDesc> apparing in the ODD 
source, it carries along with it all the cross references from the 
<listRef> contained by that <elementSpec>. So, for example, each element 
described at the start of 
contains a reference back to the same section, explicitly added to the 
element description during HTML generation.

I cannot imagine why anyone ever thought this might be a good idea, and 
I don't remember it ever being discussed. It's visually distracting, and 
almost entirely redundant, since specLists typically appear precisely at 
the point cross referenced. And it was not present in earlier releases.

  On 16/12/11 22:40, Sebastian Rahtz wrote:
> I have got out a limb, and simply updated 2.0.0 across the board, since I was able to find
> the mistake which caused the HTML reference pages to look wrong.
> Sorry, guys, I seem to have caused a lot of problems during the course of the day.
> I'm off to bed now....
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