[tei-council] altIdentifier in msPart

Lou Burnard lou.burnard at retired.ox.ac.uk
Sat Dec 10 09:09:18 EST 2011

Dear Torsten

Many thanks -- these examples clarify the issue greatly.

Let me see if I have understood it correctly now. The problem is that 
have multiple catalogue numbers for each of the various parts, and you 
want to provide an identifier for each grouping. For example, if one 
part was originally catalogued as A and also as B, while another part 
was originally catalogued as C and also as D, then you want to add two 
more "old identifiers" say X (for the part formerly A and B) and Y for 
the part (formerly C and D).

Is that correct?  As the ticket shows, Council agreed to change the 
content model of msPart to permit use of either a single msIdentifier or 
a single altIdentifier, with a recommendation for the former. It 
preferred this to your proposal of a completely new "msPartIdentifier" 

To avoid the risk of confusing simple minded processors unable to 
distinguish msDesc/msIdentifier from msDesc/msPart/msIdentifier, you 
also propose a @type="partial" on the msIdentifier. I am reluctant 
simply to add msIdentifier to the att.typed class, partly because this 
was not explicitly agreed by Council, but also because I think a 
typology of identifiers is to be avoided. If this distinction is 
necessary, I would rather express it by means of  a more specific 
attribute such as @part="true", or @scope="part". What do you think?

best wishes


On 10/12/11 10:54, Torsten Schassan wrote:
> Hi Elena (hi Lou)
> attached are two examples for the msPart/altIdentifier discussion. You
> might wonder that all examples refer to catalogue entries, but this is
> our reality here: Sometimes even parts are well known by catalogue
> entries (Lowe CLA, etc) that some means for alternative identification
> are "necessary".
> I hope that these example are clear enough and usable and good enough in
> time.
> Best, Torsten

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